TeamXbox: Ikaruga Review

TXB writes: "Every once in a while a game comes along that transcends regional boundaries and becomes a true cult classic. Back in late 2001, developer Treasure managed to create just such a game with the release of the Japanese arcade smash hit space age shooter, Ikaruga. Over the next few years, Ikaruga made the jump from the arcades to home consoles a couple of times. First, Japanese gamers (and US gamers willing to shell out some extra dough to importers or on eBay) were graced with a near perfect port on the SEGA Dreamcast. Later, Atari published a Gamecube version of the game for the US, Japanese, and European markets. Now it's the Xbox LIVE Arcade's turn to get the polarity shifting shooter, and 360 owners are all the better for it.

If you've never heard of Ikaruga before now, here's the lowdown. On the surface Ikaruga looks and feels like almost any other vertical space shooter to come along since the days of Xevious. Players control a futuristic fighter battling through waves of enemy formations and larger scale boss ships, all in an attempt to stop the advance of the invading forces. What sets the game apart from others in the genre is literally a matter of black and white."

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permutated3842d ago

There's a tie for the best game on XBLA between IKARUGA and REZ.

Play them both.

PS360WII3842d ago

Yes Ikaruga is an intense game and should be played ^^ I still have my GC copy so I probably won't be getting it on arcade but if you don't have it you should

power of Green 3841d ago

XBLA is moving in the right direction. This game is very addicting and fun and pleases the eyes. If this level of care goes into XBLA the true arcade will be in our homes.