RockStar give their view on GTA IV Aussie edits

The backlash from the RockStar Games announcement of an edited version of GTA IV for the Australian market has been quite severe. RockStar have made an announcement about the effect of the edits in this peculiar retail environment that lacks an R18+ classification. n an effort to cool heads, and maintain some level of confidence in the local product, RockStar Games have today released the following statement:

"The Australian version of Grand Theft Auto IV was rated by the OFLC in December 2007 as MA15+. Unlike the US and Europe, Australia still lacks an R18+ rating for video games and as a result many games are edited for release in Australia, including most previous Grand Theft Auto releases.

While there are some minor differences between the Australian and US/EU versions, they are not significant and we do not believe they take away from the level of scope and detail that make GTA IV such an incredible experience. We would not release the game in Australia if we believed these differences compromised the quality of the game in any way."

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Yi-Long3847d ago

... yet at the same time, I dont.

They shouldnt have given in and censorsed their own product.
This is the must-have game of 2008 (for most people), and TBH I would have preferred it if they would have made a stand and refused to censor their own great game, and just let the australian goverment deal with the huge backlash from all their gamers.
It maybe could have meant that laws would be changed and they would see that there is a NEED for an '18-rating'.

SO yeah, I can understand RockStar choosing money and giving their australian fans the best version they are allowed to give them... but it still sucks, and I would have preferred it if they would have used this game to make a point and maybe get things changed.

PirateThom3847d ago

If you're in Australia and are getting it for PS3, import from America and then you won't have to play the editted cut.

Dark General3847d ago

I was about to suggest the same thing... But it's still a problemo for 360 only aussie owners who are looking forward to purchasing GTA4. For that reason and others that's why it needs to be a 18+ rating for video games over there in the land down under.