TeamXbox: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Preview

TeamXbox writes: "The Dragon Ball Z (oh, what a difference that space between the 'l' and the 'Z' makes) anime gained huge popularity stateside after it found a home on Cartoon Network. Even though the series appealed more to the younger folk, the series has matured throughout the years and is now consumed by a wider audience with a shared interest – intense, hand-to-hand combat.

We wanted to spill the beans on Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit back when it was previewed at this year's Game Developer's Conference, but strict licensing embargos kept this from happening. The good news is that those restrictions have been lifted, and we can finally give you the scoop on the first Dragon Ball Z title since 05's Sagas, not to mention DBZ's inaugural foray onto next generation hardware."

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Aleusia3896d ago

Yes, because it is always professional and not biased at all to make a multiplatform game seem exclusive to your system of choice Teamxbox...

They don't mention the PS3 version once.