Haze release date really real, finally final

Haze's release date has officially been locked down and is not set to change again. Ever. CVG is reporting that it has confirmed with Ubisoft that May 23rd is the date that the game will be available in Europe. Haze has been in release limbo for several months now, after it failed to make its November 2007 release date and was pushed to early 2008. Then, in late January, it was pushed back even further with a vague "fiscal 2008/2009" date attached.

Now, however, we can be certain that we'll be getting our hands on the Nectar infused shooter on May 23rd in Europe. Though there's currently no word on a US release date. It may not have impressed us much at the Live event, but we're still intrigued. If only to get closure on what has been one of the most confusing releases we've ever known.

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Breakfast3847d ago

"really real, finally final" that made me laugh

sonarus3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Its like they are forcing us to care about the game when in reality no one really does anymore.

For me it is just something to play while i avoid the internet in hopes of eluding the inevitable MGS4 spoilers.

Breakfast3847d ago

Keep being 'un-hyped', you might be pleasantly surprised.

Amanosenpai3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

We all know that you wont resist the temptation to open the 1500° new at N4G with the title: "MGS4 Hands on, the best game ever made (Caution major spoilerssss)

<3 Sonarus ^^

RecSpec3847d ago

That is probably the best date to pick, right after the GTA4 hangover wears off, and right before the MGS4 party starts.

SL1M DADDY3847d ago

*clicks dissagree*

Sorry bud, but I care about the game still. Haze will be a great ride IMHO and just for the sake of it being developed by FreeRadical, I will be picking it up day one. Just because you care not for the game doesn't mean that everybody else thinks the same.

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Omegasyde3847d ago

it will have first generation graphics, and be bashed by reviewers.

Poor free Radical, but this game should of been out since October 07.

Breakfast3847d ago

Gameplay is what counts. Dont stray from that fact.

yesah3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

not so sure, some videos of it look amazing, and some look like crap. Ill wait till its out and judge for myself.

Omegasyde3847d ago

You guys happen to notice that the sites previewing are saying the game is o.k?

For a game in a long time in development, it should rock my socks off.

i.e. Gta4, MGs4...and hopefully killzone 2 and Final Fantasty and Alan wake.

Danja3847d ago

I've seen pics and this game looks buying this game because of either way im not losing..cuz it's gonna kickass

gEnKiE3847d ago

The graphics might not be up to par to today standards but the whole Nectar aspect really sounds like fun with all of the different ways of using it for yourself and against the enemy. Actually looking forward to it after seeing the videos for it that were released just recently.

mesh13847d ago

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA U FANBOY fools have so many excusese up ur a hole u say u make up excuses eveyr time freee radical are a crap dev that has done nothing groound breaking that why haze looks lame it not to do with 1st gen as its not released yet and is still in developemnt so bascally blame the hardware or dev for messing up the game

thor3847d ago

It would be really hard to improve the graphics after they've already

Made the character models
Made the environments
Painted all the textures
Written all the shaders

I reckon they just aimed too low with the graphical quality to begin with, and now there's not really much they can do about that. The delay (I hope) has probably all been spent on refining/balancing/improving the gameplay rather than the graphics.

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Breakfast3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

For all the PlayStation fans...

Buy it, or it wont be exclusive no more! Uh-oh...if that happens you cant put it in your lists no more.

@ Below

Its a freakn poking fun at the people who look at sales figures and exclusivity rather then playing the game.

PirateThom3847d ago

Unlike many people, I don't buy crap just to buy it.

crazy250003847d ago

Thats a fanboy way of ooking at it, just buying games for the numbers sold to rise....sounds pathetic

Amanosenpai3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Sorry bro but my 60 bucks are for GTA4 not for Haze... yea i can get another 60 for may 23 BUT, i wont be able to get another 60 for June 12... so, now u get my point?

Omegasyde3847d ago

I will drop 60 if....

1)The co-op is as great as it sounds...

2)If 4 player death match (splitscreen) is awesome.

I know the single player will be great, but what do you do with a game you have beaten 3 times? You go mutli...but what if I have friends over who don't like mariokart?

point it, I expect alot out of the people who did timesplitters especially with the splitscreen aspect of the game.

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Big Jim3847d ago

This game will never actually be released.

Grannyvukka3847d ago

Thats good PirateThom.....But I don't think breakfast is asking you to buy crap. He is actually asking true gamers and PS3 owners to support a great developer, that has a track record of making THE BEST CONTROLLING, PLAYING, SMOOTH, FUN, console FPS's on the market. Anyone who owns a PS3 that liked Timesplitters, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark (Not that 360 crap version either)should buy this game and try to keep Free Rad making exclusives for PS3.

This developer is known for making it's debut PS2 new franchise in Timesplitters, run at a constant 60fps, play as smooth as butter, control on a dime, and was the single most fun on multiplayer splitscreen than any other game last gen.

So all these graphics wh0res these spouting on about Killzone 2 are crackheads if they boost Killzone 2 up to unrealistic proportions, then slam a game like Haze because it doesn't look like Crysis. You clowns need to realise that Killzone 2, is coming off the back of Killzone 1 ( a deserved 7.5 scoring game) that had PS2's best fps graphics last gen, but was plagued with mediocrity...In stark contrast, TS and TS2 were the best console fps's last gen, bar none.

I will be getting Killzone 2 (I enjoyed 1 a lot, even with all the problems), but I will be getting Haze, and will not be holding my breath with fear of dissapointment as much with Haze, as I have more trust in developers that put monkeys in their game, over developers that name themselves after one.

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