Video footage of all 32 Mario Kart Wii tracks

It's already Thursday in Japan, which is a particularly mundane trivia fact until you realize that Mario Kart Wii is also scheduled to hit Japan on Thursday. Ergo, logic dictates that the game is out now. For the rest of the world who has to wait until Friday (Europe) or until April 27 (North America), Wii Nintendo has compiled a video of all 32 tracks in the game.

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ktr3843d ago

The video was kinda boring. I guess its like golf, boring to watch, but fun to play. But again, golf is boring to play by yourself. Same goes with mario kart. Its a so-so single player game, but an great multiplayer game.

games4fun3842d ago

i have deja vu its as if i've played a game with about the same graphics if it wasn't for the multiplayer online i would seriously believe that gamers were being shortchanged into buying the same exact game they bought years ago