PS3 To Debut HDMI 1.3 Format

Announced back in June, the HDMI 1.3 format apparently more than doubles HDMI's bandwidth and adds support for a broader color space, new digital audio formats, automatic audio/video synching capability, and an optional smaller connector for use with portable devices such as digital still cameras and camcorders. So why should gamers care? The first HDMI 1.3 machine on the market will be PlayStation 3 in November.

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PS360PCROCKS4465d ago

wtf? so this means my new HDTV is already obsolete? I hate technology sometimes, lol

Tut4465d ago

Yeah it sucks (I bought an HDTV as well). The good thing is though they said that 1.3 will stand as the standard for a loooong time. Apparently it has great potential.

Arkham4464d ago

"Then buy skates." ROFLMFAO... Post of the day.

jedicurt4465d ago

Got to love the guys who vote lame, just because this is a PS3 article.

This is cool news for all people, because it helps to establish HDMI as the sole formate for HD signal transmission. if the mini-HDMI starts to come standard are camcorders and such, then we are talking about the lose of bulky cables, and a set standard so that the need for 5 different special adapters are not needed. to me this is great news for all tech junkies and gamers

JIN KAZAMA4465d ago

as long as you have an HDMI slot on it. Its just the cable thats being upgraded. So you can still use the HDMI 1.3 on your HDTV as long as you got the HDMI slot.

VirtualGamer4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

HDMI 1.3 is not just a new cable. I just read a really good article explaining HDMI 1.3 from CNET.
This should help clear up things for people it certainly did for me. Looks like I will be waiting to buy a HDTV until it comes with this new standard of HDMI connection as I really want to be able to take advantage of everyting the PS3 has to offer for gaming as well as movies.

calderra4464d ago

Maybe it's been fixed since then, but last I heard, connecting a 1.3 signal to a 1.1 device produced, among other things, hissing and pops in the audio.

So unless there's been a new revision of v1.3 since then (making this 1.4?) it's not supposed to be backward compatible.

kmis874464d ago

Does this mean anything for the 360 hd dvd add on?

Arkham4464d ago

No, because the add-on doesn't support HDMI (yet). If that ever happens, it would probably be 1.3, but no one knows if or when that might happen.

Tut4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

No. It will mean something for the next XBox console to come out though, unless this gets outdated before then.

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