GameTap: Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition Review - Now with four extra bonus annoying missions

GameTap writes: "Assassin's Creed teeters between being the most brilliantly crafted bad game, or being the most broken great game. So many elements work, while other aspects of the game simply feel broken. For every moment of stabbing joy or freerunning fun, there's another moment of flawed AI or nonsensical story jabber. This new "Director's Cut" for the PC, while attempting to alleviate one of the more egregious complaints, manages to just be a solid port of a great but deeply flawed game.

If you really don't feel like clicking on the original review for the console version of the game, all you need to know is that as supremely badass Crusades-era assassin Altaïr, you're given a list of nine targets spread out across the three cities of Acre, Damascus, and Jerusalem. For each target, you construct an assassination profile by pulling off investigations, which range from pickpocketing documents to eavesdropping on disgruntled employees to beating the info out of informants. Then you go for the actual kill itself, evade capture, report to your boss, and go through some painfully annoying sequences that take place in the modern day."

-Adds more missions
-Looks and controls great
-Still a wholly unique sandbox action game

-Still way too repetitive
-Story is still on the lame side
-Obnoxious system requirements

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