How the TV Guys See Games

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Usually I love the non-games people who talk at MI6. It's always worth hearing what the TV or music or advertising guys have to say about the game industry. So I was looking forward to hearing CSI creator Anthony Zuiker's (pictured) take on the future of entertainment.

Then I heard a nasty rumor; that he was going to talk about Second Life. CSI had done some story that drove viewers to Linden Lab's little 3D world. Oh man, thinks I. Hearing non-games media folks wax about Second Life is like listening to Uncool Uncle Joe getting all enthusiastic about "rap music." Second Life is what non-games people think of as the future, whereas games people see it very differently.

I even made a bet with some fellow journo that if he mentioned Second Life within the first two minutes of the presentation, I was gone."

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