Sony Wants To Know Why You're Hacking Your PSP

Kotaku writes: "The engineers at Sony can't be too thrilled with fighting the constant battle against PSP hackers, issuing firmware updates that "strengthen security" in a futile attempt to curb piracy and homebrew applications. Going by a recent survey commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment, passed on to us by a reader who was asked to take part, the company seems to be looking into the reasons why PSP owners are opening up their portables.

Sony reps call the survey a part of "ongoing PSP consumer research", attempting to learn more about the size of the PSP hacking population and the mentality behind the behavior. Questions like "Do you know of anyone who has "hacked," or modified, transferred and customized their PSP firmware and software?" were included elsewhere in the poll."

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sonarus3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I would hack mine but i honestly don't play it enough to go through the stress. I bought it when GOW chains was announced and now that i am done with that i am SERIOUSLY considering selling it but i won't. That is the problem with buying a console for just one game.

Tempist3843d ago

More what? More money in their pocket because you know, 20 MGS:PO and 20 Patapon really broke my wallet.

I have one and I hardly use most of what it comes with already, so why should I bother taking the time and risk of hacking my PSP to play pirate games or ROMS.

What serious home brew program out there is such the revelation that I need it for my PSP?

C_SoL3843d ago

Shut ur bit<hing now.

MikeGdaGod3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

only thing i wish it could do that it doesn't already is play custom tracks....just like the ps3

Amanosenpai3843d ago

I hacked it because of that pic...

ArduousAndy3842d ago

i hacked mine so i can carry my games on my memory stick so i dont have to worry about carrying a bag full of games.

If sony would create a feature that you can maybe install the game (via cd key or something to prevent piracy) on to the memory stick then i would be game for that.

Cicinho3842d ago

I hacked mine because I would rather take the games for free than to pay for them.

MicroDeath SoftStar3842d ago

i hacked mine to play old point and click pc adventure games. oohhh and homebrew can be really fun

Montrealien3842d ago

Right now with a Hackable PsP Sony has some Free R&D all over the world people are working on apps, games and other stuff, All they have to do is surf the internets PsP hacks forums, download and bam! People made some cool software for them, for free. Sony can take it from them, do whatever they want with it and there is nothing the maker can say about it.

MS figured this out years ago, so should sony. YOu make a great online service, that's where the money is. I have the most Decked out Xbox with 1000s of games in it, this history of Arcades from a-Z. Yet still, I got a 360 wich I will never hack.

MicroDeath SoftStar3842d ago

just because you think online is where all the money is doesn't make it so , i understand you like wasting your money on every arcade release but understand your in the vast minority

Montrealien3842d ago

Sure, you may think i`m a minority but then again, I don`t care, money is there and Xbox 360 hacking is way down compared to the original Xbox beccause the Xbox was so easy to do it and kind of saturated the modding scene, imo. But that was not my point, it was really about the free R&D that comes with a whole community of hackers.

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Sev3843d ago

I used to hack my PSP, back when it first came out. Mostly because there wasnt much content on it yet.

As of right now, there isnt much use for me to hack my current slim PSP. So i just stick with official firmware.

I hate piracy, but I guess a few homebrew hacks never hurt anyone.

Premonition3843d ago

I finished it today, i didnt wanna answer anything on there, I was like wtf, why are they asking questions that people dont really want to answer.

Rick Astley3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I have NEVER hacked my PSP.

You PSP hackers deserve to die. You're stealing money from devs.

Azures3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

many people just use them to play ps1 games that haven't been released by sony and use roms for previous game generations. i being one of them, i've bought 5 psp games in the last 4 months.

Sev3843d ago

Rick Astley singing to his PSP...
"Never gonna hack you up, Never gonna weigh you down... With Homebrew"

Seriously you have the very funniest avatar/name on N4G. Congrats.

Sev3843d ago

I somewhat agree with you, and I somewhat disagree.

Hacking is ok, playing roms is ok, homebrew applications are excellent but only possibly through hacks.

However hacks to allow pirated games to play is just horrible.
It almost killed the PSP. No devs were making games for it because of it. Thanks to GOW, Crisis Core, Patapon, FF:Tactics, and Monster Hunter 2, it brought new life, and new sales to the PSP.

fox023843d ago

you are so full of crap

Shadow Flare3842d ago

I agree with Rick. If you're hacking it to get more functionality, fine. I don't see too much of a problem with that. But when people hack their psp's and download free psp games onto it, those people disgust me. Are you guys so poor that you can't buy games? A game like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core was created with so much effort from Square-Enix, to give you people a brilliant game. And hackers just steal the game. At the very least, you should want to give the devs something back in return for giving you this brilliant game. But it just shows how dishonest the people who do that are. But whatever. If they feel ok doing that, then so be it. It's down to them

Keowrath3842d ago

Rick Astley, I usually read your comments and agree but in this case you're an ignorant twat. Not everyone that hacks their PSP is a pirate. I've paid for all the games that sit on my memory card, try opening your shortsighted mind a little.

The Wood3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Some people are not 'absolute' Some buy some games and download ones they feel might not be that good. There is a huge grey area with piracy and its a worthwhile topic to discuss. I know many people who watch pirate movies and go to the cinema and even buy the dvd's/blu ray's when they're released. What about the people who have a hacked psp and 12 + original ps3 games? What about the people who only bought a psp because it could be hacked? What pigeon hole do you put these people in? Huge grey area.

Shadow Flare3842d ago

there really is no grey area. Piracy is piracy. If you buy alot of games but get hold of some free, its still piracy. It may be a crap product, but you're still stealing. Hacking in itself is different, because you're not actually stealing from other companies, you're just modifiying the console you've bought. It gets more difficult when you say, "What about the people who only bought a psp because it could be hacked?". If they bought it for the reason that they could get free psp games, the yeah of course thats wrong. If they're buying it so they can tinker around with the unit then, i can't see too much of a big deal with that. In the real world, it just usually means more hardware is sold and less software is sold.

Richdad3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I dont think European's or US peoeple are much hacking it but its a really big problem in INdia. The reason is that a whole network of Grey Marketers have been formed and they are even in town which have reach urban life style and not only that these Grey marketers sell the console hacked they also have made such a market that even orignals if any are pourchased through them at higher rate even in my town where there is a Sony store and they also hack it such that Warranty of PSp is not void.

Also they have created a whole scene in India for 10 years by pirating PS and PS2 which have made a lot of arcade stores around and these grey marketers mainly focus on PS2 and PSP and they import there console from Europe mainly since PS2 and PSP is costlier in India then Europe. I think only 1 origanl is sold for say 100 or 150 copy and PS2 I dont think anyone has purcahsed origanls. Also there is not a single raid conducted by Sony in these years. MS already conducted more than a dozen of raids but none from Sony although major market share in grey market is of them.

Science_NERD3842d ago

Shadowflare you're an 1diot. Don't assume that those those hack their psps are poor. One's socioeconomical status has nothing to do with why people hack the psp. I hacked my psp last week and love it. I downloaded FF7CC but before I downloaded it, I purchased it the day it came out, why? Because I respect the developers and wanted the box and artwork. Hacking the psp and downloading games you already have is not wrong and it does not make someone poor, so go learn a thing or two about stereotypes. Here assuming you dont have a hacked psp, I'll assume that youre a complete e-tard because you dont have the technological know-how about how to hack a psp. Dont judge people that want more from the psp.

Bottom line...If sony released more psone games on PSN I would not have hacked my psp, but because they think that games like Jet Moto are more desirable than ff7 or resident evil, I will continue to D/L psone games...there simply put

vickers5003842d ago

Why do people hack the psp? Because some people are not as rich and spoiled as you probably are, and don't have parents that give them anything they want.

Also, I pay a lot of money on ps3 games, accessories, controllers, blu ray movies and limited edition game bundles, so I think sony is milking its fair share of money out of me already. If anything, they are stealing from me.

They are not losing anything from me, because the choice for me would be either get the game for free or don't get it at all, since I am already paying a fortune on ps3 related products. They actually would be earning more of my money, since they make and produce quality products, which furthers my respect in the company. Even if the Ps3 someday gets hacked, I will still pay for the games, because they are something I can afford.

I have a psp, but I have not hacked it yet, though I plan to.

Piracy isn't technically stealing, since you are not taking anything from anyone, you are just making a copy of it and sharing it with others. Stealing would be going into a store and taking a hard copy off of the shelf without paying for it.

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Marceles3843d ago

lol...i dont think anyone will tell the truth, but I have a hacked and an official firmware PSP for backup.