PlayStation Experience Truck to rock out New Orleans

That's right. As part of Sony's marketing strategy for the PlayStation 3, they will be showcasing the next-gen console in New Orleans this weekend over at the Voodoo Music experience rock show. With performances from hot bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duran Duran, The Wu-Tang Clan and the Kings of Leon, the two-day concert is bound to be one cool affair.

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Dlacy13g4463d ago

This sound like it will be a wicked cool party to attend! And I would go in a heart beat if I were there.

But does anyone else find it a little odd they would choose to do this in New Orleans? I mean, in the wake of Katrina and with so many people in that area still in need of financial help, etc... to be showing off the pricey PS3 just strikes me as an odd location of choice.

andy capps4463d ago

These are just video games and Sony's trying to get it out there in the public so people can play, I wouldn't read too much into it. Let's put it this way, I wish it were coming to my town, I know I'd be there. :) I hear what you're saying with the Katrina thing though, I just think it's time to move on from that horrible time and maybe playing video games and people enjoying their time at the show will help.

Athlon4463d ago

Well. From a gamer who has been living in New Orleans for 16 years. It's a great idea. At just about every Voodoo Music festival since the original playstation, the Sony truck has been there with its games. It's also good to see that Sony is donating money to Warren Easton High School ( a New Orleans public school) when the state and city government have been so stingy with giving funds to the school and communities that need rebuilding due to Katrina. The New Orleans public schools are among the worst in the country with everything from poor performances on national exams to crime and school conditions. The school board is always rocked with contraversy and stealing of funds. For a time, the plumbing wasn't even working properly in this school and that was pre-Katrina.