Inside Moon - Interview and screens from IGN

Last year, development studio Renegade Kid released Dementium: The Ward for DS. The monster-filled first-person shooter not only played and looked very good on Nintendo's handheld, but it was scary, too. In fact, it was one of IGN's favorites for the year. Now, Renegade Kid is working on another DS-exclusive first-person action adventure -- this time featuring a science-fiction theme. It's called Moon and it's already one of the most intriguing projects underway for DS. IGN chat with Moon's director and producer, Jools Watsham, about the ambitious effort.

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Snipes203846d ago

I am really impressed with this game. The graphics are great for a DS and based on what Dementium had to offer as a shooter, then this game should knock Metroid, BiA, etc. out of the way. Now if they added multi player like Metroid Prime Hunters...

PS360WII3846d ago

Yeah for sure. I'm looking forward to what Renegade Kid can do with this title. It's using an updated engine from Dementium and sounds like similar control style. Along with a story driven fps/adventure. Plus Dementium was a decent game so this game already has promise.