The Incredible Hulk new Screenshots

SEGA has released some new screenshots from The Incredible Hulk.

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Chriswsm3845d ago

I have to admit I rather enjoyed the PS2 Hulk game. The open ended destruction was a fun time waster. If this offers similar gameplay I am adding it to the shopping list.

drdre743845d ago

yeah I agree with you. That PS2 Hulk game is a classic game and this looks to be around the same kinda of game play and it looks great. I can't lie that this doesnt look good. It looks better than Iron Man thats for sure. I just hope this is the game that puts Sega back on top. But I have to really think about buying it since I'll have GTA4 at the end of the month. Maybe I'll go back and buy the first Hulk game again. lol!

3845d ago
CNIVEK3845d ago

Iron Man in the HulkBuster armor. Can you say CROSSOVER? :D