Gearbox's Anthony Burch and Paul Hellquist on the Future and Present of Borderlands 2 - AusGamers

AusGamers caught up with Gearbox Software's Anthony Burch and Paul Hellquist at PAX Aus to chat about the success of their Borderlands franchise, and talk a little about the future of the studio's most successful original IP.

"There’s obviously more power [in next-gen machines], so some of those performance things will diminish, but... [laughs] we are always filling up all of the performance we are given by the hardware manufacturers, so I’m sure we’ll have different challenges," Hellquist said. "But there is also a thing we’ve talked a lot about internally with going more than four, where we think that if we go too much more than four, the experience will actually start to break down; that four is kind of a nice sweet spot, in terms of enough craziness, and of all of these different personalities and character classes and everything, but you can still kind of keep track of what’s happening..."

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Bonerboy1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

"...and we're gonna milk this puppy, like nothing else before it, double fisted even, because everything else we've touched/dev'd before it, or after it for that matter, has been utter shit."

r3f1cul1893d ago

hell IMO all the dlc for borderlands 2 did was take away from how awesome the original product was... and i mean seriously they outsourced all the dlc except for the last piece and i didnt even think it was that great.

r3f1cul1893d ago

people bitched about how short and bad the dlc's were, and not to mention they say they love to do side stuff but yet drop a 10 dollar character with no in game story or achievements to speak of to add any value to him being in the game in the first place... dunno gearbox craps on everything they make except borderlands but even with the dlc of borderlands 2 they made it worse and less enjoyable IMO