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Alex Spiro reviews the Dual Shock 3:

True, quality gaming is accomplished through immersion and immersion is accomplished through the senses; sight (graphics), sound (audio), touch (rumble), and taste and smell, which have no place just yet in today's games. When it was announced that the Playstation 3's new cutting-edge controller, the Six Axis, would be released without a rumble feature, a collective groan emitted from Sony fans worldwide. Sure, there were noticeable improvements from the Six Axis' predecessor, the Dual Shock 2, like Bluetooth support for wireless gaming, strong battery life, and Wii-like motion controls, but games felt empty without that tactile feedback.

I recall how strange playing the first person shooter Resistance felt at the PS3 launch party in New York when shooting an assault rifle as the controller lay silent in my hands. At another Sony press event, I played Formula One and commented multiple times to the (annoyed) PR reps how badly the game needed rumble feedback. They indicated that incorporating rumble into the Six Axis was a strong possibility and it seems more than just coincidence that the Dual Shock 3 was released, in all of its rumble glory, soon after Sony settled their lawsuit with Immersion, the developer of force feedback.

The Xbox 360 has been the beneficiary of this, as it had rumble support from day one, and consumers focused on a rumble feature may have factored that in when deciding to purchase a 360 unit. Now with the release of the Dual Shock 3, that advantage has been eliminated. Combine that with Blu-ray's convincing win over HD-DVD and rising PS3 sales and it is clear that momentum is shifting in Sony's favor.

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TheHater5645d ago

I am picking one of these tomorrow :)

Mikey_Gee5645d ago (Edited 5645d ago )

Still wish they swapped the left thumbstick with the DPad, but other than that ... much better than the controller I had that came with my PS3.

Thicker plastic

More weight which makes it feel more solid and better made (never liked the light toy like weight)

and of course .... RRRRRRRRRRumble ....

I was very very erked Sony did not have Rumble with the PS3. I am very happy to have it back.



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