Female Gamers Like Pretty Pictures, Soothing Sounds debates whether a developer can truly create games specifically designed for female gamers, as one publisher claims to be doing with two newly announced titles, or whether the concept is riddled with sexism and stereotyping.

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LJWooly3844d ago

Make a game designed specifically for girls, and it won't sell, with the current-gen console userbase. On the PS2 or the DS,maybe, but besides that, it won't be too well-recieved.

RealityCheck3844d ago

Apparently they agree, those two announced games are for the DS.

okcomputer3844d ago

I don't know, zelda has always seemed kind of girly to me (my wife loves the series) and that sells like crazy.

tweaker3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

LittleBigPlanet should attract female gamers.

Chuck Norris3844d ago

Chuck Norris should attract female gamers.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43844d ago

My cute face should attract female gamers;-D

Chuck Norris3844d ago

I want a transparent PS3. Do it Ken. Now.

Chuck Norris3844d ago

I'm not sure about it being semi-transparent, it seems more opaque to me. I want full transparency so that I can see those LEDs blinking when I play with the lights dimmed.

Harry1903844d ago

but only semi transparent,if you look closely you can see,but you'll need to look at the bottom part to clearly see inside.

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