Exclusive: Dave Perry on Redesigning the PSP

For a time now, across the gaming industry, there has been a strong belief that Sony is soon to come up with a new PSP. According to developers and industry players, it could probably be not exactly PSP II but at least a reworked PSP hardware unit.

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shotty4470d ago

How do you get rid of the UMD drive, how are you supposed to play the games.

Marty83704470d ago

Download(digital distribution) them into flash ram or a flash drive of some sort.

shotty4470d ago

So basically you need to buy a bunch of memory sticks and all you UMDs are useless. I own a PSP but I stop using it because sony made it so hard to play my media. I tryed to put a video on it, like come on who wants to name their files in numbers.

wildcat4469d ago

after a while you start to notice that the games and movies for it are very expensive. $25 for a new movie like Click when a DVD costs about $13 at BestBuy. So 2 new movies would be like $50. Also, the games aren't that original but i still enjoy playing them, i mean it's portable. I think the psp has a long way to go still. maybe adding a video out might help some and also increasing that sound without making us buy a $50-$100 component. they're still learning though it's their first real handheld console and it does a lot. much more than a ds does.