Death of the Disc?

Downloadable games are really clicking this generation. It's easy to see why, too -- it's the lazy way to play. Hell, all you have to do is hop online, push a button, and boom, you're minutes away from getting your game on. Right now, all three of the major consoles are vying for your virtual bucks. Each one offers easy-to-play classics and smaller titles designed to quickly kill time. Of course, not all of these attractive appetizers will fill your gaming belly like a meaty retail game. Or at least that's the case now, though Sony might be changing the way the menu is written with upcoming main-course titles like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and SOCOM: Confrontation.

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Harry1903845d ago

in the foot?Highly doubtful.

permutated3845d ago

The disc won't be dead until hard drives are in the terrabyte ranges.

Seriously guys, think about it, Blu Ray is 50 gigs, there's no way we're going to see the death of disc when standard console hard drives are 50-100 gigs.

ikiru33853845d ago

agreed. and also, DD wont be the norm unless download speeds are much much faster. why spend that much time to download something if it's not the same fidelity as physical media?

Citizen Cook3845d ago

Well done Sony!
You've beaten M$ to the punch! 3 PS3rd games - Warhawk, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, or SOCOM: Confrontation - available for download...

Great work. Kepp up up. Together we can banish the disc!!!!


Wildarmsjecht3845d ago


Nope..Nothing I can say can make you look anymore of an idiot than what you yourself have just said. Clearly, you are a legend.

Wildarmsjecht3845d ago

They still offer the retail version of these ready made PSN titles. What you have here is Sony bringing out a few games on both retail and PSN that doesn't have a download limit for those who don't feel like going to the store, or who feel like it'll be alot easier on themselves due to rl time constraints, or who may not want to pay another 10 or so dollars that might be added on with the addition of a headset( A la warhawk and most likely Socom). When 50% of all major full release titles are released on the PSN via download and not also on store shelves, then people can begin to hint at Digital Distribution being the end all, be all future. Till then, people are still gonna want to buy disks. The option to get it from the interwebs is just that, an option.