He's played GTA IV and MGS4

By now, you may have already seen Games Radar's interview with UK journalist Rob Taylor, who's finished Grand Theft Auto IV and shared some of his impressions of the game. You might have even seen similar interviews with other people at other websites. But right down the hall from GamesRadar's US office is Rob Smith, Editor in Chief of PlayStation: The Official Magazine - possibly the only person outside of Sony to have finished both GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, two of this year's biggest releases.

Obviously, Games Radar couldn't let him keep all that to himself, so they sat down with Smith to discuss his thoughts on finishing GTA IV, the depth of Liberty City and - fleetingly - how Niko Bellic's crime spree stacks up against Old Snake's upcoming stealth epic.

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vloeistof3844d ago

cool wish i could say that cant wait for both games

Time Lord3844d ago

5 pages of just GTA4, wanted some MGS4 impressions.

jmare3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Exactly. The title is misleading. They talk about MGS4 for about 3/4 of a page and as soon as he says they're both good reasons to own a PS3, they jump back to GTA4. The article would've been better if they had just left the metal gear portion out.

EDIT: below. True. I'd agree with you on the spoilers issue, but they should have talked more about it or left it completely out as the amount of coverage does nothing but piss off people looking for more information about MGS4. Or at least it makes them become slightly annoyed.

sonarus3844d ago

I think those are enough MGS4 impressions for now. The more impressions are revealed, the higher the risk of spoilers. MGS4 is a game that tells a pretty deep story and unnecessary spoilers could ruin the entire experience

TheExecutive3844d ago

but half of the fun is anticipating! unless the game is truly truly epic. dammit... i hate this guy.

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vloeistof3844d ago

I also think visually, Metal Gear shows what the next generation is really all about. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

thank god for ps3 we can play both games :)

Obama3844d ago

Agreed, and if one wants both, he will have to get a ps3.

poos33844d ago

HAHAHA COMING FROM A PS3 MAG EDITOR OF he wuold say that mgs looks lame in graphical terms plz gears of war 1 looks better put side by side screeens and ull see mgs4 is texture less there is no detial any were and looks washed out ,tbh mgs4 does not look better than assasin creed or is on the same lvl as both games look excactly the same in graphical terms.

Amp3844d ago

Spell check button-use it, or is the smoke from you 360 causing you pain? Stop-Drop-Roll

t-0_ot-3843d ago

"Agreed, and if one wants both, he will have to get a ps3." No sht!? For real?? Man, that's crazy.. One who have never thought so.. /sarcasm

Sorry, couldn't help it. =]

Both will be great, though.

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Fishy Fingers3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Argh... I just wanna smash his face in!!!

Not jealous in anyway....

Good read.

spacetoilet3844d ago

Day one. You just can't beat a good GTA game, and MGS4?......well that just looks like it's going to be amazing.

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