Japanese Hardware/Software Chart for Week Ending April 5th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimated numbers for Japanese hardware and software chart for week ending April 5th, 2008 was as follows:

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

PSP: 110,992 (-19%) [137,183]
DSL: 56,160 (-6%) [59,697]
Wii: 49,076 (-0%) [49,137]
PS2: 10,603 (+3%) [10,249]
PS3: 10,268 (-17%) [12,345]
360: 1,832 (-18%) [2,239]

Top 10 Software:

1 Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G (PSP) 581,102 1,438,531
2 Warriors Orochi: Maou Sairin (PS2) 215,643 215,643 [NEW]
3 Star Ocean: The Second Evolution (PSP) 89,947 89,947 [NEW]
4 Pro Baseball Spirits 5 (PS2) 80,277 80,277 [NEW]
5 Yoiko's Life on an Uninhabited Island (DS) 54,082 54,082 [NEW]
6 Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 (PS3) 52,452 52,452 [NEW]
7 Pokemon Ranger: Batonnage (DS) 52,179 396,931
8 Wii Fit (Wii) 36,908 1,830,374
9 Dairantou Smash Brothers X (Wii) 24,463 1,636,466
10 Deca Sporta (Wii) 18,778 112,362

Other New Releases:

21 Detective Conan: Kieta Hakase to Machigai Sagashi no To (DS) 8,083 8,083 [NEW]

Software Totals: (Last Week #)

PSP: 730,701 (964,887)
DSL: 369,797 (479,083)
PS2: 355,494 (106,329)
Wii: 144,275 (180,329)
PS3: 87,701 (51,365)
360: 14,365 (25,915)

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Harry1903847d ago

actually sold 1.5 million copies according to Capcom official reports.

PS360WII3847d ago

Good numbers for Star Ocean as well

Asurastrike3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

PS2 and PS3 are being outsold by the Wii and DS. But the Playstation brand is dominating.

cmrbe3847d ago

is going on with the PS3 in Japan?. Japan division really must do something soon.

Cyrus3653847d ago

Sony Japan needs it software to come out for them. What Sony Japan studio games have been out? Eye of Judgement?

HighDefinition3847d ago

Very simple. No RPGs. When WKC and FF13/FF13versus come out there will be a bigger increase in hardware sales than you would have imagined possible.

cmrbe3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

the Japanese bunch are not doing a very good job unlike their European and to some extent their NA counterparts. Sony must not let Japan be their weakest link. Japan is too important. Its quite obvious that their has been a fairly major shift in game preference in Japan from Hardcore to mainstream/casual. SCEJ should adapt accordingly otherwise they might just loose Japan this gen to the wii. I know its early days still but the continuing decrease in sales is not a good sign.

Danja3847d ago

Monster Hunter #'s are crazy.. damn imagine if Capcom had kept it PS3 exclusive..what it would have done for the console.....Sony needs to pull a MS on Capcom..and bribe them for MH...on the PS3...

ElementX3847d ago

Won't happen. I'm getting it on Wii, though! :)

Danja3847d ago

The only reason why Capcom even cancelled the PS3 version of MH , was because they got cold feet by how well the Wii was selling and the PS3 kinda stumbled out the blocks....they never said that the game would never appear on the PS3 just that , they cancelled development ..which leaves room for it rear it's head on the PS3 some times down the road...

Who doesn't want to see MH in HD graphics ??....and not just in 480P.....

We all know how Capcom loves to make games exclusives..they might just pull a Lost Planet on us Next year...LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.