The Console War – Why Gamescom Is Important

SheAttack: "Oh, the classic console war; where people can come together and take part in telling each other their choice of system is better and to go off and die somewhere. It is a lovely thing. In case my sarcasm was not clear there, I am of course joking. In a weird way though, console wars are part of a process that makes the competition better. The better the competition, the better the war, and the better the war… the better it is for gamers. Gamescom is approaching fast and the rumors and speculations are circulating. Will Microsoft announce a lesser-priced Xbox One? Will Sony announce we can use external recording devices? Will Nintendo make a big impression? Gamescom could answer these questions plus many more."

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ABeastNamedTariq2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Gamescom seems like the last show that'll help people make their decision on what next-gen console they're getting (not that TGS isn't relevant).

I'm guessing Sony will announce some of those 12 new IPs (hopefully one of them is LBP 3), and some sort of show-stopper near the end (which very well may be a new IP). Sony already said they're focusing on PS4, so it's gonna be goooood.

Microsoft will probably reveal their last few new IPs/exclusives (unless they're saving some sort of JRPG for TGS.. Idk how likely that is.. but that would be cool..) and show more gameplay of their previously announced games. Entertainment of course.

Nintendo? Idek lol.

I know I'm exciting for that new Ubi IP. The Division, The Crew, Watch Dogs... Hit after hit. Bring on the next.

And thus ends my speculation.

LOGICWINS2604d ago

The decisions have already been made. Gamescom is about solidifying these pre-existing decisions.

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obelix772604d ago

There are alot of people who are still undecided.

LOGICWINS2604d ago

The people who havent decided yet dont care enough about these consoles to buy them at launch.

gaffyh2603d ago

Thing with GamesCom and TGS is that because the shows are smaller, MS and Nintendo hardly ever make any effort to do anything. Then when they want to announce something, they're ready to spend big on it. The consumer notices that you don't care about them the rest of the time, so they should always always exhibit, even if they're showing the same things again. Like Nintendo with E3, stupid decision to not do a conference.

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christrules00412604d ago

I already pre ordered the Watch Dogs limited Edition and Assassin's Creed limited edition. Please Ubisoft let my wallet have a break so I can buy something else. Lol.

I hope we either hear about Santa Monica's new IP or what Naughty Dog has been up to. Or even show 1 of those 2 and then show a teaser for what the other studio is up to. Then I believe I remember reading about Guerilla is going to show the multiplayer of Killzone: Shadowfall and possibly tease there new IP? Might also hear from Media Molecule and that would leave with 10 of the exclusives out.

I think Microsoft's big reveal is going to be Black Tusks new game and possibly show a couple others but they have already shown 10 out of there 15 that ship in the first year so I would kinda doubt that they would show everything.

Mr1Y2604d ago

I don't see why you put a cap on their exclusives nothing is holding them back from going past that 15 exclusive mark,well studios but that's it really.

christrules00412604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

I put a cap on Microsoft's and Sony's exclusives because it will be what will seperate the consoles. If they show 3rd party exclusives yay we get to see them but I can get them on any system.

I have the PS4 pre ordered because I personally like Sony's exclusives better. I did have an Xbox 360 so I have tried them both out.

There is also TGS plus these games being released within the first year are going from November 2013 to November 2014 so the games that launch more around the end of the next year so next years E3 they could unveil the rest. They don't have to blow all there cards in 1 conference.

The longer Microsoft and Sony can keep the hype trains going the better honestly. More people will jump aboard then if they just do it now and then it just falls off the tracks unless they cut off the PS3/Xbox 360.

captain_slow822604d ago

is there anyway to watch a live stream of the event? like the E3 live stream

christrules00412604d ago

No idea about that. I would watch sites like IGN and Gamespot but youtube also maybe have some live streaming going on there as well

Gamesgbkiller2604d ago

There will be for sure.

Its E3 EU edition.

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lcsapo2604d ago

We will be there for 2 days, so I really hope it will be huge. This is our (europeans) chance to enjoy the same fever the US guys have on the E3. Both big players have to bring the real boxes this time otherwise I don't know how they are trying to sell their consoles if they are not ready.

Heisenburger2604d ago

Gimme that release date prease!!

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