Yakuza 3 - import hands-on from GamesRadar

Walking. Brooding. Staring. They're all popular activities in Japanese crime series Yakuza, and this - the third - is the talkiest, broodiest, stariest installment yet. Oh, it's changed a bit - the sudden shift from the present day to the 1640s is a bit jarring at first - but the important things are still present and correct. You still stamp on men's faces. You still hang out with giggling ladies. And you still talk a lot.

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Harry1903933d ago

i want it for the US and Canada.Still waiting for the second one too.

Korosuke3933d ago

This is the best PS3 game so far. I fully enjoyed this. But it will be replaced later this month.

Le-mo3933d ago

How long will it take Sega to localize this game for the states? Do want!