The Games People Buy - Top Selling Games of 2007

What exactly have consumers been buying in the last year? Next-Generation has compiled stats and analysis aggregating all western retail game sales to find out the answers. Here are the top selling 100 games from the last year across North America and Europe, including sales figures.

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fenderputty3941d ago

quality games get looked over while utter garbage such as: Pirates, Transformers and Spiderman all sell like hotcakes simply because of their name.

undercovrr3941d ago

devil may cry 4 wast realeased in 2007, wtf

Ariexv3940d ago

It's March 2007 -> March 2008.... and wow Uncharted only did 700k o.0 Kane and Lynch has something like 400,000 copies sitting on retailer shelves, and ratchet only did 600k.... guess that shows how little "Official" numbers really show