PS4 pre-orders leading 4:1 against Xbox One in Netherlands

The PlayStation 4 is taking a big lead against the Xbox One in the Netherlands

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ThatCanadianGuy5142718d ago

Japan/Europe looks to be total playstation nation at this point - With the toss up being UK which could go either way

The last bastion of xbox strength is NA where things are closer then they've ever been.

Going to be interesting.

user74029312718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

that $399 sweet spot will take na.

Tony-A2718d ago

And if software pre-order number are any indication, it looks like the PS4 is the favorable console for the next generation in the States, too (not even taking into account how well the hardware itself has been preselling in the US).

And this is all despite the fact that the PS4 has a "weaker launch lineup" according to some web-dwellers.

georgeenoob2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Oh look, a rumor of pre-order figure in NETHERLANDS. You got to be kidding me. But ofcourse fanboys on N4G will support it.

You're wrong. Killzone got more pre-orders than any X1 exclusive because that's pretty much their only AAA exclusive on PS4. X1 has 4 exclusives to look forward to instead of just Killzone: DR3, KI, Ryse, Forza 5.

Man you fanboys are delusional, don't even think about trying to argue that Knack or Driveclub is AAA by the way.

Someone's gotta call these fanboys out on their delusions before they get diagnosed with schizophrenia.


"LMFAO! Killer Instinct is some watered down F2P title with one character available at first. What does that have to do with pre orders???

And Dead Rising 3 and Ryse were former scrapped 360 games meant to fluff up MS launch lineup because they had nothing else to prepare...

Quick question.... What good 360 exclusives are coming out this year that you're looking forward too??? XD"

Killer Instinct - Not F2P. Just cause 1 character is F2P doesn't make the entire game F2P, it's a full game with full characters.

Dead Rising 3- So what if it was a former 360 game? Have you seen it running? Can you honestly say that the game would even run on current gen consoles with a hundreds of zombies on screen at once with an open world game with not one loading screen throughout the entire game and graphics like that? Lol

And 360 is getting World Tanks incase you didn't know.

Deividas2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Seriously wasted your one bubble on with that comment...come on

EDIT: Also George the Xbox one exclusives dont look so hot so far to be fair...
DR3: Most likely a timed exclusive
KI: Being developed by a HORRIBLE company (games like Battleship and Silent Hill Homecoming)
Ryse: Already said to be a lot more fun to watch than actually play
Forza 5: Alright that looks hot lol

But still come on..

trywizardo2718d ago

oh wait i heard a rumor that says is mars WiiU kick both consoles ass ... are you kidding me you fanboys are really idiots , gosh when i read your comments i feel like a 12 years old's fights about a toy ... its a rumor stop acting so dumb about it LMAO

Skips2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


LMFAO! Killer Instinct is some watered down F2P title with one character available at first. What does that have to do with pre orders??? Not to mention it's being made by a horrid developer.

And Dead Rising 3 and Ryse were former scrapped 360 games meant to fluff up MS launch lineup because they had nothing else to prepare... So the only real next gen launch title you're getting is Forza 5.

Quick question.... What good AAA 360 exclusives are coming out this year that you're looking forward to before next gen hits??? XD

Don't know about you buddy, but in terms of exclusives, I'm pretty busy playing The Last Of Us (GOTY contender) and just recently bought Tales of Xillia. Next up is Beyond Two Souls and then Gran Turismo 6. Once PS4 hits, i'll be playing Killzone SF, DriveClub, and Planetside 2...

What's your plan??? Play the waiting game??? XD

NatureOfLogic2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

but tat ultimate Xbox unboxing./s

aceitman2718d ago

@tony I like if someone can confirm x1'S launch titles day one from what I see there is only 4 games that are day one titles
(killer instinct being one of them ) so will any of these games be delayed like Kinect Sports Rivals and please don't anyone count multiplatform games , and im sure gamescom will show more launch titles.which im sure people will be watching sonys gamescom like this.

LaChance2718d ago

Article faker than free online multiplayer on the PS4.

No figures, not a single source, a forum poster named Aii who supposedly has all the info in two broken links ... How convenient.

One of the cheapest and obvious fake articles I've seen in a while.

PeaSFor2718d ago

i asked at my local ebgames yesterday(small city in Canada) and the guy said 93 Ps4 preorders vs 28 X1

gaffyh2718d ago

@LaChance - If that was indeed true, then the story wouldn't have gotten approved. Looked at it, and he is using figures from, who appear to have got the info from two retailers. So he's not pulled it out of nowhere.

With that said, EU is PlayStation territory, they're bound to be ahead. It's only UK that leans towards Xbox.

Bhuahahaha2718d ago


why would i play world of tanks at the 360?

AceBlazer132718d ago

@Georgenoob killer instinct is weak bro if you wanna count a ftp in exclusives then ps4 has Xbox beat.Tekken revolution is a more complete game compared to killer instinct.

slayorofgods2718d ago

wow, great news...... oh its just in Netherlands

My reaction reading the first sentence.

Kryptix2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )


According to vgchartz, US PS4 game preorders are dominating US Xbox One game preorders almost 3 to 1. (In total sales.)


Battlefield 4 (PS4): 67,486 / (Xbox One): 29,390

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4): 66,548 / (Xbox One): 45,749

Watchdogs (PS4): 79, 995 / (Xbox One): Not even in the top 40 or over 29,390 preorders


I guess that's a rumor to you, too. Especially since the US is all about the Xbox. Just admit it, Microsoft lost more than half of it's Xbox consumers. If they lost it's #1 country, they certainly lost every other country. You're just in denial like every other Xbox loyalist. The PS2 is back and more powerful than ever.

JunioRS1012718d ago

that $399 sweet spot will take the world.

pyramidshead2718d ago


"And 360 is getting World Tanks incase you didn't know."

aha....ahahahahaha...bahahaha hahahahaA!

n4rc2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I love how the fanboys conveniently missed the "you may not have a ps4 at launch even with a preorder" article..

Who cares if you sell 200 preorders per store.. If you can only provide 100 then it doesn't really matter.. Will just lead to pissed off customers

But I don't see why sales even matter to people.. Both will do well.. Ms doesn't even need the revenue and sony is making a profit from day one (ms too) so really.. What does it matter to you?

But to pop the biggest bubble here.. Are you forgetting that Xbox owners don't need to preorder games anymore? Download on day one with no crowds or wait..

2717d ago
sic_chops2717d ago

Haha George... I can't believe you aren't out of nickels and dimes yet. Keep taking it from m$

jmac532717d ago

If my experience is the norm, then the PS4 will take NA. I had an Xbox the past 2 generations and then MS screwed the pooch with the X1. Even with all the backtracking they couldn't save this fan.

3-4-52717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

As long as the economy is what it is, Getting essentially the same product for $100 less, DOES mean something to NA and it will be a factor.

bjmartynhak2717d ago

"And 360 is getting World Tanks incase you didn't know."

lol, loooooooool!

Cheers man! That was awesome!

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Muffins12232718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I think Sony will get around 70% percent and Microsoft will get around 30% in north america by 2014.In japan Sony will get around 95% and Microsoft 5% lol. In Europe i think Sony will get 80% percent and Microsoft 20%.

Deividas2718d ago

Im all for Sony dominating and whatnot but damn...those are some large margins there man...I think Sony will keep the sales ahead of MS but those might be a little too big..

Muffins12232718d ago

I know for a fact im right about japan

HammadTheBeast2718d ago

I think after first year, if things are going as they are, it'll be a 60-40 ratio with PS4-One in NA, 98-2 in Japan, 65-35 in EU, and overall 70-30 in rest of the world due to cost alone.

FullMetalTech2717d ago

I have to agree. A lot of that is that features for Xbone wont be available to those regions at launch and who knows down the line. The PS4 will be cheaper to those other regions from the start when you factor in the conversion rate s well.

sync902717d ago

I think ps4 is going to dominate in EU just as much as the ps2 did.

NateCole2717d ago

If sony can pull even in NA that will be a big accomplishment. xbox brand is now massive in NA. 70-30 in EU and 53-47 in NA in PS4's favour.

My prediction anyways.

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thetruthx12718d ago

Preorder sales are nothing just wait till Microsoft opens the orders back up at places like Gamestop, Best Buy, Toys R Us, etc.

Microsoft hasn't even started the huge Xbox One campaign with commercials on all of the major channels.

Ms is going to take a huge Xbox One logo stamped shit all over world closer to November lol it's going to be everywhere and people will swipe their cards, write them checks, and drop that cash :)

Akuma2K2718d ago

That's right, keep hope alive......lmaoooo (don't hold your breath)

Clarence2718d ago

M$ did all that this gen with the 360. They also had a year headstart and a cheaper console than the PS3. Yet they ended up in last place.

The PS4 is cheaper and more powerful. M$ pushed a lot of gamers away with their anti gamer policies. They also won't get a year headstart this time around.

The PS4 is going to dominate.

Scatpants2718d ago

I'm guessing it's going to be pretty even in NA. There are a lot of people that don't preorder consoles. The rest of the world Sony is going to have a clear advantage.

Jaqen_Hghar2718d ago

So in other words...Microsoft will advertise their new console? Shocker. A man guesses MS is the only company who can advertise now.

sic_chops2717d ago

...and they will get home and realize that they still need their cable boxes and have to pay a subscription to use cable features. They will realize once again how M$ duped them when they realize M$ will stop making hardcore games halfway through the cycle. And before you say it, I've owned 3 different 360's so don't go there. Keyword= owned

Chevalier2717d ago

Really won't help. Opening preorders I won't sell. Slow to sell my remaining stock which is ridiculously low for xbox one. Giving me more units doesn't mean sales at all. My store is 241 ps4 (guaranteed units) and only 42 xbox one.

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devwan2718d ago

@DayZ "With the toss up being UK which could go either way "

It's far from a toss up at Amazon:

IQ1552717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Why so ill informed? In UK Amazon sales, PlayStation 4 (Yes it's PlayStation, not Playstation), is at the #3 spot, whereas the XBOX ONE, is at #81. More of a difference. I maybe be incorrect, but I think the pre order numbers you posted are from more than a month ago. :)

devwan2717d ago

@IQ55 Since I created the graphic I linked to for a blog post I can confirm that I used current data form the very end of July, so it's less that 2 weeks old.

Yes, as you pointed out, there is an Xbox One in the chart in the 80s, but there is also one in the 30s (currently 32) that you seem to have missed - the day one edition.

I'm all for showing how well the ps4 is doing vs the xbox one in Amazon pre-orders, but not at the expense of all the facts ;-)

Cyanide852717d ago

The only market that seems to interest MS right now is the US, and we will se good that works out for them.

@georgeenoob, just to inform you that the so called X1 "exclusives" will probably be released on the PS4 in maybe 1-2 years especially if the PS4 hardware outsells X1 like it seems to do as of right now anyway.
You see what you call "exclusive" titles like DR3 for example like Divedas said it's highly likely a timed exclusive which means that in maybe 1-2 yeas I will be playing it on my PS4, most of the big exclusives on the X1 are highly likely to be timed exclusives.

MS is very good at telling you the truth although it's always never the whole truth

jmac532717d ago

Add in Titanfall as one of those "exclusives" that we will be playing on the PS4 in a year.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2717d ago

And it will be the definitive verison with all dlc free.

YNWA962717d ago

Can you guys keep this for the playground, then when you get older and think about talking to girls, these things will not be so important. Buy what you want, enjoy what you buy or buy both and get the best of both worlds, and get on with it and be happy. Otherwise, go fck off to a corner and carry on your miserable existence....

showtimefolks2717d ago

not surprising price matters now more than ever with world in tough economy

i full expect ps4 to sell the most

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2717d ago

Noooooooooo! Not the Netherlands! Anything but the Netherlands.

Now I'm canceling my X1 pre order because of this news.

imdaboss12717d ago

yup ps4 is cheaper and it will haev more exclusive games than the xbone..They ddidnt dealt all their cards yet..Gamercon goin to be epic for Sony PS4..

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Lovable2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Meh we all know for a fact that NA > whole world.

NatureOfLogic2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Sarc much. He's just giving an prime example of the average Xbox fanboy mind.

fermcr2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

He's being sarcastic. Actually he's just giving an prime example of the average Playstation fanboy mind. Every time NPD sales are released, playstation fanboys claim "World sales > NA sales".

BTW... World sales > NA sales.

aceitman2718d ago

um ps4 is owning na too.just incase u missed it.

MusicComposer2718d ago

Yes, the PS4 is far ahead of the X1 in preorders at Amazon at least. Their "best sellers of 2013" list shows which products have had the most orders so far this year. This is where they currently stand:

#3 - Playstation 4 (Launch Edition)
#6 - Xbox One (Day One Edition)
#35 - Playstation 4 (Standard Edition)
#67 - Playstation 4 (Watch Dogs Bundle)
#69 - Playstation 4 (Battlefield 4 bundle)

The only currently available Xbox One console isn't in the top 100 products yet. It's being beat in sales by the likes of the original Kinect sensor, a 1-year PS Plus subscription, and a Wii Classic Controller. This is about the clearest real/truthful data we have comparing preorder popularity.

Link for reference:

dcj05242718d ago

Oh thats clever lol. I didn't even see that.

GribbleGrunger2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Are you from Gaf or do you read Gaf?

Smoovekid2717d ago

Plagiarism! lol

I read it at Gaf.

Sitdown2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

No figures shown to make this even to begin looking somewhat credible, survey links are broken.... Not a coincidence the background is a flame.

sync902717d ago

Never write dumb comments.