Gran Turismo 5 - New City Courses Confirmed to be in GT5 by Kazunori Yamauchi

Ichigo from GAF writes:

"Today, at the Spanish premiere of GT5 Prologue (pics below), Yamauchi commented that they're working on a city course based in Madrid for the final game. I know most of you won't care but I'm Spanish myself so I think it's nice :) . I find it weird that they chose the capital over Barcelona, which is much more popular abroad, though."

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decapitator3897d ago

This is not prologue by the way, the real Gran Turismo 5.

sonarus3897d ago

Yea i know but these are not the first details of GT5 by a long shot. Top gear track will be in GT5, weather effects in GT5, I bet there are a couple of cars already confirmed for GT5 too.

decapitator3897d ago

Ohh, I see guess I missed out on those details. Those pictures looks awesome btw.

Lord Anubis3897d ago

I hope they include the San Jose Grand Prix