Xbox 360 Sells Like Hotcakes

It's been just seven months since the Xbox 360 touched down on Australian shores, and according to some recently released figures courtesy of Microsoft and GfK, the console is padding out Microsoft's global domination fund quite nicely.

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TheMART4470d ago

So let me get this straight. 360 sold over 20% more then the PS2 back then. Did the country grew with more then 20% of it's inhabitants back then? Guess not.

And what about the games. MS sold 100% more games then the PS2 back then to the unit owners.

If you ask me, it's a big succes either way.

zypher4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

the country's population is not the issue. the gaming market is. before the inception of the PS2 the Australian gaming market was significantly smaller than it is now, much like it was in Europe before the dominance of PS2. no one is trying to slight Microsoft or anything...i mean, a record broken is a record broken. ign's take just adds a little bit more actuality to it.

Marty83704470d ago

X360 is selling slow,100,000 in 8 months is crap,and as bad as the Jap sales.PS2 is outselling X360 everywhere,once PS3 & Wii come out its game over for X360.

TheMART4470d ago

Ofcourse. You don't know the Japan sales I guess. They are worse indeed.

But selling 100.000 consoles on a population of about 20 million people in total is a really good achievement.

The good thing is: PS3 only has 500k to sell this holiday now that's sad actually isn't it?

FamoAmo4470d ago

After this Holiday season is over with you'll be eating your words. With Sony not launching in the UK or Australia Sony is sure to lose hella $. UK is gonna say FU Sony b/c MS is doing so much for them and for Sony not to launch there is a big mistake. UK gamers are not going to wait around unless the reviews for the ps3 are great and better than the 360 and right now that's not gonna happen. I bet you January 1st the Wii outsold the PS3 during the holiday leaving Sony 3rd.. I know the 360 will win big this holiday. No one is gonna buy the ps2 and with the ps3 sold out you better bet the 360 will be the system bought.. I guarantee Sony will be 3rd after the holiday season is over!!

kmis874470d ago

The ps3 is supposed to have 500k at launch, and 2 million total for the holiday season. And the sales of 100,000 in Australia is still a smaller percentage of the population than American sales in that same timespan (.55% to .49%), so I think it might be more of a reflection of the growing size of the Australian gaming market than anything else. Oh well, it's still good news for Microsoft, and Sony and Nintendo if the market has indeed expanded over the course of the sixth generation console cycle.

Brian3604470d ago

Its no wonder you have only one bubble when you come out with immature and pointless remarks like that.

ACE4470d ago

why do u post lame news like this?. i just dont get it if you dont like ms dont post lame stuff like this . the 360 is doing very well and come xmas it will do even better u wait and see.

zypher4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

don't post the news, or don't post comments under the news? in any event you're right, i DON'T like Microsoft. no self-respecting GAMER should like them. they are a corporation, just like Sony and Nintendo. who in their right mind likes corporations? and why is the news lame? has Microsoft coddled you so much that your very sould is stricken when you hear something not so good about them?

however, i DO like the 360, albeit not as much as you seem to dilute yourself into, with your adoration of Microsoft and all. i may not have the gobs of "great" games for it like you, and have only two games for it (GRAW and SC Double Agent), but those are two VERY fun games to like, and is at least a testament to my ability to diversify my taste. but if i've offended you Bill Gates--ahem--J. Allard--ahem--Peter Moore--ahem--was a sony fan, by adding a little actuallity to an over-hyped claim, then i ask to be pardoned.

ACE4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

i am a gamer yes i like what ms has done with the 360 . i personly think that this site is full of idiots , now not saying ur an idiot but there r alot of 10-12 year old boys on this site and strangly they all seem to be ps fans and they give the true gamers a bad name if you know what i mean. however u seem to be more of a ps fan than a 360 fan . oh theres lots of good games on the 360 all you have to do is give them a try and u may get suprised. i have seen what the ps3 has to offer and i dont think the 360 will have a problem taking it on AT ALL ....... i got to go , i'm playing splinter cell ,tdu and tiger woods and will be getting f.e.a.r call of duty 3 and gears of war ''''' OH i'm HAPPY :) ''''

ACE4470d ago

i'll add u to my friends list :)

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