Rock Band European Release Doesn't Include Australia

Hey, Australia. All that fuss over Rock Band that went down last night? You know, about the release, and then the price? Don't worry about it. None of it applies to you.

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Expy3845d ago

Because, Australia isn't Europe... I don't see why this is a shocker...

sa_nick3845d ago


Also, it's probably not a good thing. Games generally cost more in Australia than they do in EU.

So we're waiting longer and probably going to have to pay at least $400AU for it.

Everyone with a PS3, import this game. I did months ago back at release and it costs me less than $200AU.

mariusmal3845d ago

what a shock ? gosh... Rock band EUROPE EUROPE EUROPE isnt announced for AU/NZ. maybe that's because they aren't located in europe. i dunno... maybe that's just me