PS3 owners: Does the code 80010514 mean anything to you?

The Xbox 360's RROD has been the monkey on Microsoft's back for the past couple of years, but according to some reports, Sony has been dealing with some similar problems with the PS3 as well. Complaints on Sony's own forums show a small percentage of users being greeted with 80010514 errors, and finding out that their Blu-ray drives are no longer functioning. A quick search via the information superhighway seems to indicate that Sony has not released an official breakdown of the code, but that it veritably indicates an issue with the Blu-ray drive.

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LightningPS35411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

what is that?

va_bank5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Doesn't ring a bell. Two PS3s (40gb and 60gb) not a single problem. I do know one guy in my Warhawk clan whose PS3 broke.

"according to some reports, Sony has been dealing with some similar problems with the PS3 as well"

Nice. This sentence will bring in fanboys from both sides.

EDIT: Sorry, meant to be a standalone post.

sonarus5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

LOL @ the approvals. Can't just leave you guys up there by yourselves. Seems like 360 owners have been dying to break a broken ps3 story so let them just have this one.

Still nowhere near the numerous 360 faults that seem to be getting worse instead of better. When you have devs carrying back up consoles trying to anticipate RROD and even display 360's don't seem to cut it anymore. RROD is a Problem blu ray drive malfunction is more of an inconvenience. I hope all the users with faulty drives get theirs fixed.

mikeslemonade5411d ago

PS3 will not have a large scale defect rate like the 360 because there are people out there who do [email protected] 24/7. I wanna see a 360 owner try to run an application 24/7 and report back with a working 360 after month. I doubt that 360 would be a working one.

RecSpec5411d ago

Alas, the never ending search for Sony's equivalent of the RROD.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 45411d ago

No one i know has had it??? PS3 is a reliable console;)

Bonsai12145411d ago

i thought it was a network connection problem code. i had a few of those before i configured my router correctly...

Death5411d ago

This made me chuckle. "RROD is a Problem blu ray drive malfunction is more of an inconvenience." I think it's safe to assume, you think the Blu-Ray malfunction is for movies only, but that isn't the case. When the drive malfunctions, it won't read any disc based media. This includes PS3 games on Blu-Ray disc, PS2 games on DVD, and PS1 games on CD Roms. Oh yeah, movies don't work on Blu-Ray or DVD either. This is a little more than an inconvenience especially when you couple it with the extended wait times on 60 and 80 gig repairs since the company is currently out of stock. I'm not sure how much I believe it, but there are reports on the PS3 forums of people waiting months instead of weeks.

Typically, hardware failures occur more frequently as system are out longer. Failure rates are not an infinite measurement, they are based on required repairs in a set amount of time. The longer the PS3 is out, the more failures you will see. This isn't a fault of the manufacturer as much as it is the effects of time on low cost high tech and incredibly high tech items.


JsonHenry5411d ago

Gah.. I remember replacing my PS2 twice in three years because the DVD drive in it went bad.

Mclovin965411d ago

"RROD is a Problem blu ray drive malfunction is more of an inconvenience."

Like Death already said, that means games or movies won't work, basically rendering your console useless.

Even if it was only movies that didn't work that would still be a disaster seem as though being the cheapest blu-ray player is the only reason most people buy the PS3.

mikeslemonade5411d ago

You have to dust the lense. And frequently dust the PS3. The 360 also has DREs, so if you say PS3 has this than 360 has scratch disc, DRE, Red ring, and other stuff.

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yanikins1115411d ago

Reported as offensive. Open zones that-a-way my man ---->

Harry1905410d ago

this problem with my first ps3 after 7 months.

adalwolfe5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

oh yeah, i am on my 3rd ps3 now over the past year.. i continually get this 80010514 error message with the blueray drive.

Its not just me either, i have 5 friends that own ps3's and 4 of them have also had to return their ps3's for the same reason. :(

oh yeah and when i called sony support it took hours just to get a rep on the line, same with all my friends, its like they just have one agent. And their warranty does not cover the error after the first year..

sony sucks.. get a 360, the 3 year warranty is unmatched! And they have better exclusives!

wow4u5410d ago

Hey everyone, look at all the off topic posts about the Xbox 360 trying to deflect attention from PS3 hardware faults.

Hey, Sony has quite a record with hardware problems -- the PS2 was notoriously bad, and Sony didnt pony up the extended hardware warranty and free fixes.

I've got 3 broken PS2s in my closet. In my home town, there were STORES who's only business was to repair broken PS2s.

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toughNAME5411d ago

I mean I can literally throw my Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset at people and it will never break.

5411d ago
perils5411d ago

hmm can you throw your 360 at people without it breaking? anyways this will never catch on i mean the name for one thing! RROD is way snappier than Code 80010514. "holy sh!t my ps3 just code 80010514ed on me!!!!!!!!" nup

sonarus5411d ago

hahaha gunnerforlife just owned you man

prunchess5411d ago

Funny! Made me laugh that!

5411d ago
ruibing5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Of all the companies to use to exemplify solid hardware, it amazes me that you chose MS. The PS3 has one of the lowest failure rate of all the current gen consoles, please don't tell them that they need to learn from the company with the highest failure rate.

Btw, I've thrown (dropped) my Jabra bluetooth headsets around and they really don't break, they are all that rugged. You need to find a better example for a good hardware in terms of their average lifetime, like IBM Thinkpads.

EZCheez5411d ago

Appreciated your humor.

5411d ago
5411d ago
bababrooks5411d ago

gunner, what is the life span on the blue -ray laser? i have not got a clue, do you, if so tell all?

Cupid_Viper_35411d ago

I know what you mean man, I have something else that does that too, it's call a "ROCK". but then agai, we all know that sony can't compare to MS when it comes to things not breaking. which brings us to NEW RULES

NEW RULE everybody
New Rule, you can't be dying of cancer, and worry about the next guy with ã simple cold, you simply can't.
I know ,I know, you want to see it as "see? we all get sick" sort of way, but saddly it isn't so. clearly, one is f*cked, and one is sick.

and I know that all the buzz about the ps3 is driving you nuts, but there's no need to hit people with expansive,
"unbreakable" MS made headsets, use rocks, it's of better value, for that purpose of course.

Mr_Kuwabara5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Throw that headset of yours to Chuck Norris and he'll break you in two!!!!!!


sonarus5411d ago

hahaha your a legend man.

jadenkorri5411d ago

cmon, it would a been better to use the ps3 controller, since you are throwing the 360 controller, yes, the headset and controller are linked via a cable on the 360, were as the ps3 controller is separate from the headset since its also wireless

lilwingman5411d ago

better not throw your 360 dude. if you touch it it may break.

Amanosenpai5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

You just bite your tongue...

And yea you should throw your 360 trought the window, its going to implode cause overheating sooner or later... (joke)¬_¬

kalle5411d ago

And you are not a fanboy, right? even sonarus think what you said i funny :D That is how we all know a sony fanboy, they are around 12 years or at least they want us all to think so.

kalle5411d ago

You show us all that you dont know anything about 360, 360 has wireless headset too. Its easy to bash on something you dont know anything about.

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MorganX5411d ago

I believe it. But, here's the difference. I've had 1 Playstation 3, I've had 4 XBoxes due to failure. The problem isn't failures or warranty. It's the percentage and frequency.

If my PS3 goes out, I'll be disappointed and get it repaired. But I have no reason to believe it will fail. It has been silent and reliable.

I fully expect my Xbox to fail as all others have. I haven't had any problem with the new design (motherboard with HDMI) but I'm still skeptical due to the high failure rate of Xboxes I've owned. And the noise of the fan is getting louder everyday.

Anything man made will fail. Quality is measured by the failure "rate," not the failure.

Wildarmsjecht5411d ago

You speak wise words??!?!? YOU CANT BELONG HERE!! OMGZZZZZZ!

Seriously tho, thank you for being one of few people who maintain a sense of logic within their cranium. You give me a slight bit of hope for mankind. Slight.

InYourMom5411d ago

I must be in that small percentage. I've been thru 2 PS3's and am now on my third all because of DOA Blu-ray drives and I've never had any problems with my 360 (knock on a stack of wood).

So just because you don't have a problem doesn't mean there isn't one. I remember this is how the whole RROD thing started with the fanboys denying any problems but as the stories got more and more eventually they had to acknowledge it. For all the crap the 360 has gotten because of the RROD, this would be some wonderful karma in action.

However, I don't wish a broken 360 or PS3 on anyone and I can say right now this issue with the PS3 is nothing(as in not even close) to the hardware issues of the 360. I believe every launch unit sold in the first year is going to fail unless you don't turn it on. I am just waiting for my launch 360 to die but I do often leave it on overnight probably 4 days a week. To the contrary of many posters here it hasn't burst into flames yet. aha

yanikins1115411d ago

Except for me, the statistical fluke(?) is that every 360 i know of (about 5) has broken.

MorganX5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

The Xbox failure rate went from statistical fluke to numerical fact a long time ago. With most other products a 16% failure rate would be unnaceptable. The product would be branded a faulty product. Fortunately for MS, the faulty machines don't hurt anyone or start fires and the games are really, really good.

That's one reason not adding a Bluray disc to the current Xbox is a good idea. Video game goes out, I can wait. High Def Bluray player goes out.... what the hell...

I would and will say the same thing if the PS3 had a 16% failure rate, or even half that for that matter.

5411d ago
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power of Green 5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Looks like Sony is going to make it go away like they did with PS2(untill they were forced to do something about it, not that they did the right thing with PS2 owners after the issue was in the spotlight). Sony launched a whole shipment of defective PS3's(disc loader errors) to an whole south east asian country and was able to hide it. lol.

EDIT: Below LOL...

All PS3 fanboys do is lie about PS3 and its inferior hardware.

"What platforms will Alan Wake be available on? #

Alan Wake is currently confirmed for release on the Windows Vista for PC and the Xbox 360.

Is Alan Wake exclusive to Windows Vista? If so why? #

Petri Järvilehto had this to say on the official Alan Wake forums (18/05/06):

“I’ll confirm that Alan Wake is Vista and 360 exclusive. I know some people have reacted strongly to that, but for us this was one of the key decisions that will allow us to create the best possible game.

We’ve locked this down a while ago, and being able to focus on fewer platforms means that the game is going to kick more ass than ever before. By going with Vista, we don’t have to compromise everything to the lowest common PC denominator and since we’re not doing a PS3 version we can go all out with PC and 360 multithreading, HDR rendering etc. This focus benefits the tech and game design immensely.

We’re really sorry if some end up missing the game because of our platform choice, but in the end of the day we *must* base our decisions on what will let us create the best possible game. That’s just how Remedy as a team works: we’re passionate about creating something unique. Alan Wake is still our IP and we drive the creative control, but working with Microsoft gives us unprecedented levels of development support, testing resources and so on."

Wildarmsjecht5411d ago

You know..theres a ton of things I can say here...things about your own console of choice having such a huge issue that it wouldn't be able to hide it..something about a pot calling a kettle black, another thing about billion dollar warranty that only covers ONE of the many failures..but i feel like it would just go over your head. Shame really.

cellypower5411d ago

All comments on post haven't even heard of the problem.

ruibing5411d ago

Since Blu Ray is bleeding edge technology, it wouldn't surprise that out of 12 million PS3 owners, there are some that have encountered this problem. But please don't compare this to the RRoD and numerous other issues the 360 faces. There are no PS3 owners that hold their breath whenever they turn on their console.

achira5411d ago

pog you are a damn rat. go play your rodd box.

Doctor Who5411d ago

11 Disagrees already POGGY! It shows you that your talking cr*p.
Pi**-off will you

Sir Ken Kutaragi 45411d ago

...www.ihatetheps3lovefrombill gatesandallmysadxbotlemmingsont

Kleptic5411d ago

wait...I don't get it...why are you talking about Alan Wake?...not one reply to your original commnet had anything to do with Alan Wake...

and lastly...POG, why do you suck so much?

perils5411d ago

haha this is the best argument ever! basically ps3 breaks cos alan wake is great. thats logic for you.

gamesR4fun5411d ago

toughNAME (3) - 1h ago
BIoodmask (4) - 1h ago
Dlacy13g (2) - 1h ago
power of Green (1) - 1h ago

lol biggest bunch of ng4 xbots approved this wheres our mods?
Right same old same old made up news to slander the other console while you try and bury all the facts about your crap box!

Gazman5411d ago

Without a doubt you are the biggest loser here, you go and have a cry when ps3 fanboys attack a xbox article but when a ps3 article comes out you are alway the first to jump on board. Grow up you sad little gimp.

Fat Bastard5411d ago

Power of Green has no weiner. Poor kid

gambare5411d ago

Needs a girl (or a man) badly

Ali_The_Brit5411d ago

rofl i cant believe you said "lie about its inferior hardware" come now are you going to have me actualy believe the 360 is stronger than the PS3 hardware wise?...not a bloody chance and you know it it just doesnt have the raw power the PS3 does and its already trailing behind, M$ need a new console methinks. also with HD dvd dead its just another nail in the coffin. M$ may have the advantage software wise and i use the term MAY lightly, (even though i dont have to pay yearly just to get the most out of the PS3 software..) but hardware wise PS3 kicks the crap out of 360 then spits on it as it lays dying on the goddamn floor dont kid yourself power of dipsh!t. oh and before you call me a fanboy, i own a PS3 and a 360 elite, im just not in denile like you

Iron Man 25411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

LMFAO you are the worlds BIGGEST loser Power Of Green/TheMART,Alan Wake is NOTHING special and looks like garbage up against the PS3's big guns,and don't even compare this little problem to Xbox 360's issues which not only include RROD,poor Xzombies are running out of things to say!;)

Infolite89075410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

Power of Green, I think your the last oof the remaining 360 fanboys. Why have you not jumped out yet?! Come on and Play Beyond... It's freeeeeeeeeeee!

Note PoG: If you have not jumped out yet by the end of june when Sony releases all new games(MGS4, Killzone 2(I think), in-game XMB, GT5: Pro, HOME, and etc), then you failed to see the true power of the PS3, what REAL next gen has. The worst part is your defective 360 is bringing out the last of its good games (I guess) and the PS3 is just starting. Sad!

AngryTypingGuy5410d ago

Not true Infolite, I'm a proud 360 fanboy. I'm a little different though, I don't think the PS3 is inferior to the 360, just different. I've said all along they both have their pros and cons. And the PS3 has been more reliable as far as overheating. I just prefer the 360 because of several factors, which I won't name right now since I have to go back to work in a minute.

As long as their are consoles with disc drives, there will be consoles with disc drive problems. They just happen sometimes.

liquidsnake5410d ago

Can a post be reported as pure SH!T?

juuken5410d ago

PoG, you're a really, really sad individual.

Inferior hardware? Really, don't make the rest of us laugh.

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Buubar5411d ago (Edited 5411d ago )

Remember everyone, if you don't like the story, report it.

That way the story will be removed from N4G. :)

OC_MurphysLaw5410d ago

"Remember everyone, if you don't like the story, report it.

That way the story will be removed from N4G."

That is the WORST fanboy logic/instructions I have ever heard for this site. If you dont like the news the report it and it will be removed. Well I am sure there are a ton of 360 fanboys who didnt like the RROD news but it got reported as it should have. Logic like yours is exactly why I cant stand the rabid fanboy... "I dont like that other console so I am going to try and oppress any stories that are good about it, and approve the bad ones and only approve the good ones for my console...."

Try being a gamer and just approve legit stories no matter who's side of the fence they fall on.