PlayStation 3 now only console with no BBC Iplayer compatibility

With the announcement today that the Wii is now compatible with the BBC Iplayer, the console joins the Xbox 360 which has been compatible with the service since the it was launched back in December. With this announcement the PlayStation 3 becomes the only console of the main three not to be compatible with the service. When accessing the flash streams on the PS3's web browser you are greeting by a black window where the video should be.

While little known, the Xbox 360 is actually compatible with the full download version of the Iplayer. As the console is able to understand DRM'd windows media files, it's possible to view the content streamed from a PC containing downloaded videos from the service

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LightningPS33845d ago

The 80GB has BC.

A friend brought over 2 PS2 games yestederday, Soul Calibur 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Budoki Techaniki 3 or something. Both worked.

Marceles3845d ago

I hope you're's not BC (backwards compatibility), it's the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) branded Iplayer which the Xbox 360 and now the Wii are supporting

Time Lord3845d ago

hahahahaha...omg hahahaha, i had to give you bubble 4 that.

LightningPS33845d ago

I'm not joking. I just scanned the title and opened my mouth, not realizing I hadn't read it right.

It happends sometimes.

Marceles3845d ago

The title does have that PS3 bashing tone though, so I can see how it could happen, but that was funny

Time Lord3845d ago

It happens to the best of us.

Anyways, I hope Sony can fix this problem, BBC iplayers is hugely popular.

3845d ago
Doctor Who3845d ago

I'm on BBC 1 on Saturday nights! :D i.e Doctor Who:) (Sci-fi T.V Show)
I'm a Dalek not the Doctor tho! :D

WIIIS13845d ago

Of course it happens. You're far from the only one who doesn't read the article before giving your 0 cents worth.

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timmyp533845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

PS3 works with many flash apps on the web.I just want the PS3 browser to upgrade to v. flash 9.0. So GT can work(altough you can download vids off GT just as easily).

Cwalat3845d ago

sony already fixed that... but its so fu´*ing slow...
its even faster to download the file instead...

my suggestion is add more memory to the browser, or let it borrow from the HDD, cause i get "not enough memory" 90% of all my surfing time..

fenderputty3845d ago

not enough memory crap as well.

InMyOpinion3845d ago

Maybe the memory s*cks? Would explain the lack of some other features as well.

I use me PC when browsing the internet. Works great. If you have PC's I suggest you try using them for browsing the internet, they are great for that.

deeznuts3845d ago

Back-Backwards Compability maybe, since everyone above is making fun of dude who said just backwards compability.

Seriously, what's up with the title and the article. Was there a similar no Divx on Wii article? No BBC player oh noes, the horror, the humanity, how shall UK PS3 owners cope?

Time Lord3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

The British Broadcasting Corporation, which is usually known simply as the BBC, is the world's largest broadcasting corporation. It has 28,000 employees in the United Kingdom alone and an annual budget of more than £4 billion. from wiki.

Honolulu3845d ago

British Broadcasting
Worlds most famous television network

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3845d ago

Please don't tell me your serious, who the hell hasn't heard of BBC before, they are so well known its insane.

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whoelse3845d ago

It would be great to access it from the XMB menu just above [email protected] But i supposed they could do what they did with the iPhone and just make it work on the browser :(

meepmoopmeep3845d ago

all it need is an update to support it. why does it matter and what the hell is bbc iplayer

Fishy Fingers3845d ago

BBC = British Broadcasting Coorperation.

BBCi allows you to watch any of their shows at any time. You can do it on any PC, try out Eastenders, its much more gripping than 24.

meepmoopmeep3845d ago

cool, i'll check it out.. but isn't this all stuff from the UK?
i'll check it out anyways.

Fishy Fingers3845d ago

DONT!! I was pulling your leg, avoid British TV like the plague.

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