Gameblob Reviews: Playstation All-Stars Island

All Stars Island is a series of cut down mini games involving some of Sony’s more recent mascots. Sackboy’s here as well as Drake, Cole, Clank and Kat ( the Gravity Rush girl). After a short introduction that showcases the awful low poly versions of the characters you’re presented with a world map – only one section of which is currently playable. It's not good news.

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Aceman183696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

so people decided to write articles about a mini game for phones just to b**ch fit about i lol.

they are all acting like Sony is just going to start throwing all of their high profile games on phones and tablets.

only the media would overreact to this lol.

Deadpoolio3696d ago

No they'll complain about it to no end and then act like Microsoft has NEVER done anything like that before, conveniently ignoring Halo: Spartan Ops for tablets and windows phones, or the Halo 4 double XP brought to you by Doritos and Mt.Dew.

Kietz3696d ago

Who ever said Microsoft has never done this? You see articles about it here all the time. People bring it up every chance they get.

People here...
Even in an article involving something purely about Sony, they need to make Microsoft the target.
It's comical.

mixelon3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

The halo tablet game is a "real game", and respectable for what it is. Its also for comparatively obscure windows tablets that very few people have, hence less reviews!

WTH does MS have to do with this anyway? Every thing someone says about a piece of software doesn't have to play into your bizarre all-arching platform war narrative.

Personally i don't care as much about MS' ips, so even if they whored them out like this i probably wouldn't be so bothered, or even notice. Also, they wouldn't likely poop on their entire ip backlog at once in one throwaway title would they?

admiralvic3696d ago

People have been complaining about these things for ages and they do it for the views and nothing more.

Not like anyone cares what some guy thinks about a free to play game. Would take the average person less time to merely download and try the game, than read some critics musings on the game.

mixelon3695d ago

Im not "the media" I'm a blogger. I guess you could call that "the media", but im just the same as anyone here, and care about Sony and their IPs.

And i wrote about it because it pissed me off, so of course i would. Its sort of the point to write about stuff you care about?


It’s Time to Stop Making So Many Series for Smartphones

Chris Penwell from BagoGames writes: I get it. The install base is huge on smart phones. In fact, the Entertainment Software Association claims that 53% of American households who own a gaming system play on a smart phone with a 15% increase of smartphone and wireless device use in 2012 alone. It's worrying, and cell phone gaming alongside free-to-play has been behind the likes of micro-transactions and in-game currency within modern games.

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lockedongamer13074d ago

What do you guys think of smart phone gaming?

drizzom3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I don't. The two greatest banes to smartphone games is that they are far too reliant on a freemium/f2p micro transaction model. Its rampant in the market and goes to show the overall intent of the smartphone gaming scene. Its become normal to have that crap in there games and that nonsense is leaking into the console market. I do not like the idea of having a cashier living in my pocket. Once I put money down for that game I NEVER want to see them again until a sequel comes out. Being constantly teased with things in the game locked behind a paywall is immersion breaking and I cant stand that shit.

The second issue is that there are no tactile buttons on the hardware. The device is a phone first and everything else second. I dont want to play games on hardware that sees it as an after thought. If I have to buy an entirely separate peripheral just to play a game properly then that just tells me that they never thought about it seriously from the start.

There are a "handful" of games on smartphones that show good quality. They have pretty cutscenes and high definition 3d models. But their ultimate potential is truncated by being on hardware that isn't specifically made for gaming. Controls just aren't as responsive period. You can never play Ninja Gaiden/DMC/Bayonetta on a Smartphone the way you can on a Vita let alone a ps2/3.

And because of these reasons I don't bother thinking about smartphone games.

SteamPowered3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I love it. I really truly do. I play android games on my Nvidia Shield all the time. The emulators are top notch and there are some quality games out there. Now I say some good games. There are a Lot of garbage apps to soft through, but lots are worth the effort. Some gems that come to mind; half life 2, KOTOR, Gta:SA, bards tale, Reaper, and of course Conduit.
Edit: I should really reiterate how great the psp emulator is. I love monster hunter and ufc on the go.

MasterCornholio3074d ago

Funny how you say the best games come from consoles or PCs.

I think it only proves the level of quality that consoles have versus Android\IOs games.

Hasswell-NeverCold3074d ago

I have a phone which basically just can be used to talk or text.It's quite old and not fancy.

So that's my background on that when I say "I don't like this rise of mobile gaming at all, infact I hate that it has become so popular and makes people stupid with too simple games"

So in a nutshell I hate what I don't really know. =)


Dual Wielding 119: The Wonderful Paper Mario and Luigi, Please

On this week's show, impressions of Papers, Please, The Wonderful 101, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and Attack of the Friday Monsters. Thoughts on the most recent Nintendo Direct, Xbox One news and Playstation All-Star Island

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Sony Sells-Out With Playstation All-Stars Island

GaminRealm: "As one of the few people who actually bought, played, and thoroughly enjoyed Playstation All-Stars, I'm somewhat offended by this. It's a total and complete mockery to the PS3 and Vita title, and I don't see how Sony can't realize that they are disrespecting and devaluing their own Playstation brand by doing such a silly, bizarre move like this."

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GribbleGrunger3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )


@Mr_Pinky: You think that Sony made this? They're too busy 'selling out' making games like TLOU, Rain, Puppeteer, GT6, Tearaway, Kilzone Mercenaries, Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall, Driveclub and whatever else they're due to announce.

The media are hungry for negative Sony news at the moment. The problem is they're stuck trying to scrape the barren as in this OTT nonsense.

You see, the difference between Sony fans and other console fans is that other console fans 'hope' to get exclusive support whilst Sony fans 'know' they'll get exclusive support. That's the reason people are Sony fans, including myself.

GameNameFame3698d ago

I never seen an article like that for MS."selling out" by porting games to PC and what not.

Or even make dedicated halo games as IOS app. Or when MS decreased core exclusive in favor of casuals and timed exclusive.

Point is. As long as Sony is keep making core exclusives for my PS3/4. I dont care what else they do on ios.

GreatGamePlay3697d ago

Instead of making Ads,

Sony deliver experience outside their console to bring new People to their console.

Yep3697d ago

MS has always made PC/mobile games. There's nowhere for them to sell out to.

Microsoft makes operating systems as well (phones/PCs).

Dan_scruggs3697d ago

I will say Microsoft has sold out when I see Master Chief riding a Pepsi tank into battle.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3697d ago

Doritos and mt dew weekend events and sponsored games say hi.

Larry L3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Like you all said, it's just another case of the media trying to get some anti-Sony bandwagon going with this game either being Sony "selling out", or it's somehow a "slap in the face" to Vita owners......omg.....what a joke. How do these people keep their jobs as "journalists" (really pseudo-journalists)?

For the love of the Gaming Gods someone PLEASE explain to me in a logical way how Sony putting out a game for phones that is a collection of mini-games based on Sony franchises that is a cross-promotion with Coca-Cola selling out or slapping dedicated console gamers in the face?

It's complete non-sense. Unless of course every one of these bandwagon jumping authors also have articles calling MS and Bungie sellouts for all their Mountain Dew promotions, and they better have articles berating MS for all the ads on a paid service. Otherwise if they don't, it is THEY (these pseudo-journalists) WHO ARE THE SELL-OUTS, not Sony.

pixelsword3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

"I'ma write an article!"
*straws grasped*

"I'ma get it some attention!"
*posts on N4G*

"I pwnt the PS4!"
*not even close*

hakeem09963697d ago

MS is PC gaming ,last time i checked you need windows to play games .MS port their games on their platform PC,XBOX and Windows Phone.
That article does not apply to MS

3696d ago
jimbobwahey3696d ago

This is what happens when you let 12 year olds write and submit 'articles' to news aggregates.

DragonKnight3696d ago

I love how their are some users that think MS owns the PC platform and can't grasp that no one owns it because it's an open platform.

HyFackingDro3696d ago

Shut the fuck up with another one of these stories! no one cares!