Amazon Could Launch Qualcomm-Powered Games Console And Media Box By End Of Year

Amazon is working on a games console, according to rumors from Game Informer and backed up by rumblings we’ve heard at TechCrunch as well. Game Informer says we’ll see the device by end of year, possibly in time for holiday shopping season, and that it will have its own dedicated controller and offer access to digital games sold online by

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dcj05241893d ago

And I would not care. I have a GS2 a PS3 a MAC a VITA and a ROKU 2 box. My multimedia needs are set.

Pancit_Canton1893d ago

Amazon could rival steam if they want to. They have enough fanbase and resources to do so..

cesuf1892d ago

I dunno about that one. Amazons fanbase consists of ebay type people buying misc items, with only some gamers. Steam's fanbase is 100% gamers.

N7Lukas1893d ago

Looking forward to those Amazon exclusives lol.

GreenRanger1893d ago

It'll come and go without even being noticed.

aquamala1893d ago

Not surprising they want to make a media player, it's probably powerful enough to play some games, but they are not selling a $400 box

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