Additional Refinements Coming To PS3 Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is probably the best looking racing game to ever hit a console. If you squint your eyes just a little, it really does look like you're watching real video on your PS3.

But when the full fledged GT5 finally hits PlayStation 3, it looks like the graphics may be even better than what we're seeing with Prologue.

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Cwalat3848d ago

yeah, well what did you expect ?
its a year from release.. ofcourse they are going to make it better...

sonarus3848d ago

Yea doubt the improvements will be very dramatic but

Expect better frame rates heard there are few drops but very rare.
Maybe better AA
Weather effects
Better online

Wildarmsjecht3848d ago

Didn't think they would need to add more seeing as how it looks amazing already, but I had a feeling this wasn't the full game in terms of graphics( i know of the additional cars reaching in the high hundreds and other goodies). Still, I'm going to get GT5:P to hold me over till this comes out.

Jamegohanssj53848d ago

I'm not going to get Prologue unless I magically win all the games I wanted this year. I'm going to get the full game when it comes out though.

The Genius has spoken.

Cwalat3848d ago

well then ur missing out on a really epic experience...
when i first raced in GT5P i almost fanted..

Wildarmsjecht3848d ago

I know what you mean in terms of finances..There's a good 7-8 games I want to get alone this year, not counting anything that may come from the PSN. It's not gonna be cheap, but I feel like I'd be missing out on something really great if I let GT5:P slip away. If you do ever change your mind, I'd love to race you and any other N4G user online. PSN the same as my username. Game on folks.

Alvadr3847d ago

I thought the same as you.. But then i realised the full game is not going to be released for a whole year at least.. Might as well get a cheap taster, and glad I did as there is more gameplay in prologue than there is in most full racing games.

criticalzero3848d ago

I'm a little bit skeptic though....How can Gran Turismo 5 even fit on a 50gig Bluray??? I mean, there are going to be more than 200 cars for sure, more than 30 racks (again that's a minimum); each car will have damage; now mentioned weather effects; insane graphics....Even though all this sounds great, I wonder what they'll have to compromise to fit everything in...

Wildarmsjecht3848d ago

That by the time it comes out, the 100 gig blu ray discs will be fully compatible with the PS3 if not already. I think its supposed to have over 450 cars tho, read it somewhere, but I could be wrong.

bootsielon3848d ago

Sure, they had trouble with Xbox 360 games, but they have 5 times as much space on PS3. I doubt 100 GB BD games will ever be produced, not just because of cost of making content, but because of the cost of replicating 4-layered discs, and because it might not be that easy to make them playable on PS3. Who knows though.

The real problems are with open ended games like GTA4, but I guess 50GB will suffice.

Jamegohanssj53848d ago

I'm OK dude; I can stand the wait.

The Genius has spoken.

fenderputty3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I don't know if I can stand the wait yet. A year is a long time. There is a lot coming out that I want though. We'll see what I do.

INehalemEXI3847d ago

I couldnt stand it , Ordered a UK version because im in the US and couldnt wait for US release. I admit it was an impulse buy though.

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The story is too old to be commented.