Spinter Cell Blacklist: Spies Vs. Mercs Preview | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Should Splinter Cell: Blacklist become a hit in the competitive gaming community, Classic Mode will clearly be the mode of choice. It may have fewer features but I prefer to think of it as less no-thrills and more no-frills. With only the basics there is a cleaner experience with less for players to wrap their heads around in the most pulsating moments. Classic mode may be the better of the two, but Ubisoft were wise to CoD-ify Spies Vs. Mercs for a newer generation of online gamers. Blacklist mode is certainly not without its benefits however, for one, I’d certainly like to see 4 versus 4 in classic mode further down the line. Further down the line? Well yes, Splinter Cell’s online game of cat and mouse has won me over once again, and you’ll be seeing me, or rather you won’t be seeing me, online come later this month when the game is finally released."

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