The Power Of Six

From Game Informer: "After leaving Sony's Gamers' Day event last week, we were much more impressed with the PlayStation 3 than our prior experience with it at Tokyo Game Show and other press events. What most notably grabbed our attention was how first, second, and third party developers have tailored their PlayStation 3 titles to work with the motion sensing Sixaxis controller. While some games utilized this new technology better than others, we've got the details on how each title works with the Sixaxis, and our thoughts on whether or not this added immersion is necessary so far."

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jedicurt4470d ago

what would be awesome in Madden would be the ability to pull back snaps the ball, but if you hold R2 (or some button) and pull, it is a fake snap, that way if you are playing someone in the same room, they might react to your movement and be more likely to jump offsides. i think that would be cool for when i throw my madden parties

Siesser4470d ago

I think they've already stated that pulling back pre-snap will cause the screen to jerk back a little, performing a fake snap.

satanslilh3lp3r4470d ago

but motion sensing is coming along. cant wait to try it myself!