Finding the good in shovelware games

From the Article: "Not all shovelware is bad.

Sure, games that fall into the shovelware category, like Chicken Shoot and Elf Bowling, are often designed to purely to generate quick revenue. And yes, the quality of shovelware is more often than not rather atrocious. But that doesn't mean that the mere existence of it is entirely bad.

Not only is shovelware a videogame tradition but its proliferation is a positive sign for gamers. Below are three important reasons why shovelware games are actually good in a general way."

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sonarus3897d ago

Why does everyone hate mario party. This is like my lil sisters favourite game and she has been playing since mario party 1. She has been bothering me to get her a wii for mario party 8 i would have but they are too hard to find and i don't support the wii enough to put too much effort into finding it

RealityCheck3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Shovelware comes out when a system is successful, shovelware does not make a system successful.

As for the argument saying that shovelware bring in new gamers; I would add the opposite possibility and say that a new gamer who gets taken and whose first experience happens to be shovelware might get turned off about gaming or at least a console.