CrimeCraft revealed a Free-to-play MMO

Free-to-play MMO makes WoW look like Runescape

It doesn't really take a lot of graphical horsepower to outshine the crude polygonal avatars common in the many generic grind-a-thons that have been popping up left and right. But look at this juicy screenshot. On the visual front, CrimeCraft raises the bar and puts most of today's aging MMOs - with monthly fees - in their place.

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SPARTAAN3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

that definitely looks good and its also free but its release date is set for june 2009

Bazookajoe_833842d ago

But as spartaan mentioned the release date is june 2009. Well time will fly bye with this years line up, so i guess it´s not gonna feel all that long..

power of Green 3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Frick a MMO that looks somewhat close to Gears of War! 1, how?. Look at that sky best sky I'v ever seen.

Is the Unreal tech going to be the top dog this generation?, seems like devs are just now starting to understand hardware.

Seems like most all games this gen thus far were 6th generation centric.

EDIT: What do you dissagree with?. IS IT:

* The game looks stellar?
* The sky is stellar?
* Unreal is still pushing to be the best?
* Devs are pushing games that make many older games seem like warm-ups.
* or is it the fact I said devs had 6th generation skills entering this generation and still are stuck in the 6th generation over 2 years later not counting a few devs?.

Skerj3842d ago

Wow, that looks better than most commercial MMOs, officially watching for it now.

thehitman3842d ago

There are a shyt load of free mmorpgs that look better than the pay to play. I played a shyt load of free mmorpgs and there are a lot of really good 1s out there that deserve way more attention then the likes of WoW.

Chriswsm3842d ago

So June 2009 in the US would mean about March 2010 for the second class sony customers in Europe

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