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JRPGs are a genre of computer game which traditionally have a significant disconnect between mechanics and story in fundamental terms, accompanied by a narrative explanation for aspects of the mechanics. This is most clear in an example like Final Fantasy VII; the material central to the plot also have a mechanical integration in the form of the ability learning system. Exactly how this bringing together of player-controlled aspects of the game and the traditionally passive storytelling style of the genre plays out is a key aspect of a game’s success. Tales of Xillia ties many of its narrative points to gameplay mechanics – the levelling-up system is acknowledged in character in the dialogue, for example – but fails to ever really convince.

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CLOUD19833001d ago

WoW! that's low.. WTF? it seems this one is pissed too that the game didn't have dual audio.. j/k :P

Snookies123001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Lol, people who didn't buy the game because of the lack of dual audio are only hurting their cause. (Less sales means they won't want to put forth the extra money to include Japanese audio in future games.) I'd have preferred the Japanese voice actors myself, but these dubs aren't horrible for the most part. Besides, if you didn't watch/hear/play the game in Japanese, you'd have no idea how the Japanese voice actors sounded. That way, you can't be disappointed unless the actual English dubs turned out horribly. So most of those people have only themselves to blame for being disappointed that it's not included.

CLOUD19833001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

" Besides, if you didn't watch/hear/play the game in Japanese, you'd have no idea how the Japanese voice actors sounded."

Man seriously WTF r u saying we r not in the 90's anymore, we have internet u know ofc I know how the Japanese voices sound u know why? because I check this stuff before the game even released in JPN that's why we have internet & youtube u know..

And btw r u anime fan because I am a diehard anime fan I have watch all the good shows from all the way back to the 70's till now, & I have some favorite Seiyuu & ToX have amazing Seiyuu behind it, some of them gave their voices to characters like Chiaki from "Nodame Cantabile" (one of my favorite anime of all time) Kyon from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" also Jiraya from "Naruto" & many-many others that's a small example & guess what I prefer those voices that any English voice, for me it's the same thing for anime & JRPGs I can't enjoy it w/o the original Japanese voices only that way u can experience the "real" thing.

I prefer those voices! ^

VileAndVicious3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Eh... I dont think theres anything wrong with dubs. Ive always found the argument that all dubs being bad laughable. When dubs are done right they are fine (there are some instances where they are quite frankly horrible...but not in this game).

btw this score sucks.

Snookies123001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

@CLOUD1983 - That's EXACTLY what I mean. It's because you're looking it up yourself. If you didn't do that, you wouldn't know what they sounded like. Again though, I myself was hoping for Japanese dubbing as well. I can't state that enough... I love the inclusion of dual audio tracks in an RPG.

I'm an anime fan myself, but I don't think just because the original voices are Japanese that it's the only way to enjoy something. Most of the time I watch anime with subtitles. However there are cases where I prefer the English voices. InuYasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, etc.

If a game's voice actors are horrid in their dubbing, by all means bash it. Xillia however isn't so bad. There are a LOT worse out there, and like I said... If you DO want Japanese audio as an option, you'll have to show Namco that you'll buy their games. If they don't see great sales numbers, what incentive is there to include something that will only cost them more money?

WhateverBlah3001d ago


"If you DO want Japanese audio as an option, you'll have to show Namco that you'll buy their games. If they don't see great sales numbers, what incentive is there to include something that will only cost them more money? "

That's wrong in so many ways... I'm not that "fool" type of guy who think that if I support them they will start listen to me "someday" & other than that I think I was clear enough that "I can't" enjoy a JRPG w/o the original Japanece VA why I must buy something I wont enjoy? I prefer to boycott the game like fans of Atelier series did with Ayesha.

In case u don't know about it Atelier games on PS3 always have the option to play with Japanese VA do u know what happen when the new company who buy Gust, Tecmo Koei decide to skip that feuature? mass boycott from fans & Ayesha sales was just half from the rest Atelier games, so half of the fans didn't buy the game because it didn't have the original voices do u know what happen next? Tecmo Koei ask for fans to forgive them & they assure them this won't happen again.. so that's the perfect example of "speak with your wallet" money my friend that's the only thing they care about & the only thing that make them take the fans seriously.

tiffac0083001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Sometimes its expensive to use the original Japanese voice audio. As explained here:

We should really support good JRPGs even with or without dual audio. I mean I am in favor of using the original Japanese language anytime but the last thing we want is to get nothing in the future.

tiffac0083001d ago

For the love of... I think I had a brain fart when I used expensive in my statement above. No its not expensive, ITS PROBLEMATIC.

Why would Japanese voice actors have stipulations in their contract is beyond me. Maybe they should get incentives if their voice is used outside as well or something (if there is nothing like that)

Anyways I still say we should support the localized JRPG games. Yeah not having dual audio sux (because we all know the history of dubbing) but come on guys, this is the only genre we love to death.

If this was about the game being bad, I would take up arms with you but for not having dual audio... I think we are punishing the genre wrongly here.

WhateverBlah3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

@tiffac008 My stance is not going to change regarding that matter, we the fans have no other way to make those greedy companies to listen to us, a very big portion of JRPG fans "demand" for dual audio on any JRPG released out of JPN, until they understand that & make it a standard I'm planning to keep boycotting games w/o dual audio.

When a company decide to make that further step & add dual audio I show them my gratitude with my wallet as I did with Xenoblade which I buy the Collectors Edition & even a Wii just to play that game, but when a company ignore us & show us the middle finger I do the same also & tell them to go to hell, simple as that.

tiffac0083001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

^That's just sad, right at the time when JRPG fans needs to support the genre in an industry that is now swamped with shooters... but its your money in the end.

Lets just hope it does not bite us in the butt and see less and less localization from that agenda you guys carry.

I am not saying its a bad thing, I love Japanese language myself (can't watch an Anime that isn't) but I think the risk is just too big in this current generation to boycott something that has been worked on and localized for us.

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TheDivine3001d ago

Good game. I don't like it as much as Vesperia and I'm not diggin the 3d models vs cell shading look of past games but damn is that collectors edition dope. Really glad I bought it.