GameZone: Mark Politi Talks Graphic Storytelling

There was a television show that once stated there were a "million stories in the Naked City (name of the television show)" and then went into the show segment by telling that story. If you take it a bit further and realize that in the plethora of human experience, every person has a story (or stories) but while some are told down through generations, others are lost for lack of a way to share that story.

Ok, sure, Comic Book Creator 2 – from Planetwide Games – is not the end-all for story-telling, but it is a remarkable way to tell a story, whether in comic book format, in graphic novel format, or simply with graphic-driven panels to forward the tale. The reason that the program is so easy is the drag-and-drop technology it employs, allowing almost any graphical format to be dragged into the frames – even .AVI movie formats. This means that the program seamlessly integrates with graphics programs (like Corel's DRAW, or Adobe's Photoshop, or even Bryce and Poser) and then allows the user to use those images to tell a unique story and share in a variety of ways. They can be posted to the Web, saved as a PDF or JPG and shared in a variety of ways.

And using the program is so simple a child could do it … literally. The younger members of the household were having as much fun as the older ones in dropping in images (even digital pictures of the pets) and creating fun and inventive stories.

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