Konami to block non-Japanese residents from playing MGO Beta?

It seems likely that Konami will block people with non-Japanese IP addresses from playing the Metal Gear Online beta, scheduled to start on April 17.

According to this guide, Konami has already blocked outsiders from accessing the Konami ID registration site (try it yourself), so it doesn't take a huge leap of logic to surmise that the firm will block those of you outside Japan who've already obtained IDs from actually participating.

Eight days to go until all is revealed.

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Mike Bowden3933d ago

I'd be seriously upset if this was true.

LightningPS33933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I pre ordered MGS4 yesterday and got a DVD which is also the beta key.

This is a promotion given by Konami themselves. why give those dics to Gamestops in the US to go with Pre orders if they're gonna block them?

Mike Bowden3933d ago

Good point. Is does seem strange that they're blocking users from signing up through their Japanese site. I got one a week ago but now I can't even log on.

sonarus3933d ago

You misunderstand. Beta is free in JP but not in US. US gamers have been signing in through the japanese beta site and konami doesn't like that

LightningPS33933d ago

This is only for people who are tying to do it illegally.

So who cares.

toughNAME3933d ago

it's like console owners having multiple accounts. Everyone does it but not everyone knows your not supposed to do it.

PROGnosis3933d ago

im am crossing my fingers guys, maybe they could cut some slack, after all we are their customers

Wildarmsjecht3933d ago

I think this is a good idea and Konami has every right to do so. Like sonarus says, In JP, the beta is free, but here in the US you'd have to pre-order the game in order to get the promotional DVD with the Beta key in it. Its not fair to Konami if someone who's too cheap to drop 5 dollars on a game that they must've already had an inkling of buying can still partake in a beta for the few who actually did pay.

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