Kamiya using subliminal messages to trick fans in buying Wonderful 101


Kamiya hosted the Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct . Something that I noticed and most likely everyone else, was that he was spamming "Wonderful 101 will be available on August 23rd" or "Wonderful 101 will be available on September 15th" if you watched the American direct. It is obvious that Kamiya is using subliminal messages to get Nintendo fans and potential consumers to buy the game. Why else would he spam the release date? Unfortunately, it worked on me. Curse you Kamiya! You devious devil! Stop trolling us!

Check out his hilarious Iwata impersonation in the video.

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yugovega3457d ago

yep the messages are what will make people buy this. not the fact that it actually looks interesting and fun.

3-4-53457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Subliminal is something that isn't noticeable at all.

Why do people hire these 3rd grade level idiots to write their articles ?

If it's something we can hear him state obviously, then it's not subliminal.

CaptainN3457d ago

LOL this game will be great..i personally was annoyed with the constant date being shown.....but whatever works !

jc485733457d ago

you can't blame Kamiya for doing so. He believes that consumers and even gamers tend to be forgetful. He is even disappointed with the fact that gamers don't even know which game is made by whom, which shows how little they care about developers.

cleft53457d ago

I just got a laugh at how many times they brought up the date.

animegamingnerd3457d ago

after the direct and trailer this became a day 1 buy

Parapraxis3457d ago

I just watched it...when does the game come out?

animegamingnerd3457d ago

september 15th in north american and august 25th in europe i believe

deafdani3457d ago

Yeah, I was wondering that myself, they didn't make the release date clear. Like, at all.


Killzoner993457d ago

It's pathetic and illegal that Nintendo has to resort to using subliminal messages to sell their games. This is an all time low. I'm going to contact the BBB and file a complaint and so should the rest of you.

animegamingnerd3457d ago

wow that comment was pathetic

Neonridr3457d ago

you forgot the /s at the end of your little rant...

please don't tell me you were being serious.

TripC503457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

If you were not being sarcastic...Nobody likes you

cleft53457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

By the way genius, subliminal messaging doesn't work. Obviously the date was constantly being said to be funny. Kamiya whole approach for the Nintendo Direct was to be funny and he succeeded.

BlackWolf3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Your comment is bad, and you should feel bad. Enough with the trolling.

BullyMangler3457d ago

neh dont do that, then Nintendo can get in trouble. Then what of sony and microsoft? .. who will they copy then??

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TripC503457d ago

Ha well I don't think it was subliminal. Nintendo Directs have segments and after each segment a date is announced. This Direct was about one game so my guess is the editing guy was like..."Um so I'm just gonna put the release date after each segment." And they just rolled with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.