More evidence of PS3 GTA IV bundle

Danish retailer GAME lists the GTA IV bundle on their site for 3.899 DKK (€513), it will launch the 29th April, and includes following:

PS3 40 GB
GTA IV (maybe Limited Edition, due to the high price, even for Danish standards)
Sixaxis controller

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Meus Renaissance3842d ago

GAME is one of the largest game retailers in the world, definitely largest here in the UK so I'm certain there will be a PS3/GTA4 bundle

moveteam3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Sorry forget it :D

gaffyh3842d ago

Isn't it a little pointless to have a story about evidence for a GTA4 bundle? Everyone knows it's going to happen, it's not so mind blowing

RecSpec3842d ago

I'd be a little ticked if this shipped with a Sixaxis instead of a DS3 though.

sonarus3842d ago

Lol prepare to be "a little ticked" then.

kevoncox3842d ago

MS are idiots. How do you spend that money for a game and ...
1) Don't get it exculsive for sometime
2) DOn't get it bundled
3) Let you competition get it bundled.

This is laughable.

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LightningPS33842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

To bundle a 3rd party game you gotta have a deal with the company right? Maybe Sony did something smart

If there's a 360 bundle also, we will find out. Trust me, 360 fans are working hard trying find any signs of this for 360 also.

No turnout yet.

moveteam3842d ago

I don't know, but it's a very bright move Sony made. Most people will relate GTA IV to PS3, if MS and Rockstar don't create a bundle for Xbox 360.

MaximusPrime3842d ago

no bundle for xbox 360? I thought there will be.

Oh well, Sony must have focused on Europe more. They know GTA will sell well there.

LightningPS33842d ago

The only way is if Sony beat Microsoft to the punch and made an "exclusive" deal with Rockstar to bundle GTA IV.

If not, no doubt we will a 360 bundle also. Microsoft isn't stupid.

Meus Renaissance3842d ago

I'd be shocked if Microsoft wont bundle the game officially aswell. If they don't, it makes their DLC initiative look like an embarrassment in terms of an attempt to try and appeal to a neutral consumer.

Shane Kim said they'll "own" the launch of this game. Well seems like Sony are the ones causing a buzz pre-launch right now, balls in Microsoft's court.

moveteam3842d ago

But MS can't just bundle the game without Rockstar accepts.

Anyway, many retailers will bundle GTA IV with Xbox 360 unofficialy.

LightningPS33842d ago

That's why I'm saying. Sony needed to have made an "exclusive" deal to bundle.

If not, this won't matter. Microsoft will obviously bundle also.

The Killer3842d ago

is the third party losing any money by bundle their game with the hardware company like ps3?
thanks in advance!

poopsack3842d ago

No, because they(sony) pay them (rockstar) for every copy sold with a system.

mistertwoturbo3842d ago


"Anyway, many retailers will bundle GTA IV with Xbox 360 unofficialy."

Highly doubt that. Why would retailers magically bundle GTA IV with the 360 when they get ZERO profit from microsoft's "exclusive" DLC?

When sony is probably paying licensing fee's to bundle GTAIV and selling it at a higher profit in return the retailers get a cut from.

But who knows, maybe there's a 360 bundle and it's just not "revealed" yet or something.

whoelse3842d ago

Retailers will make 360 bundles too but at an extra cost. You can get a PS3 with GT5P for £299. This bundle will be the same price. And retailers aren't going to chuck in the biggest game of the year for free with a 360.

There will also be the big marketing push for this PS3 bundle. Maybe we will see the bundle advertised at the end of the GTA trailers.

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heyheyhey3842d ago

we know its happening

why make such a speculative title?

Arkham3842d ago

I think what a lot of people are missing is the point that these are not Sony (or Microsoft) bundles, rather they are retailer-specific "offers". You're not going to be getting a new Sony box with GTA on the cover. You're going to get a PS3 and a separate copy of the game.

AFAIK, Sony will not bundle M-rated games with their official SKUs.

moveteam3842d ago

But this is an officialy Sony bundle, look at the boxart.

Meus Renaissance3842d ago

I'm afraid you're inaccurate. Some retailers in general, especially online ones, will make an offer to you that you get one of a few selected games with a console you purchase. Meaning when it arrives, you'll get the white 360 shipping box and also a separate game.

However, when these games are bundled with the shipping box, and also have the image of the game specially printed on this box, it means its an official initiative by Microsoft/Sony. I.e. the PGR3/Marvel bundle, the games are advertised and printed on the actual box. Something of which retailers are incapable of doing because they do not manufacture the console or distribute it.

Look at the GT5/PS3 bundle, the PS3 shipping box is black and red, with a car printed on it. That's an official Bundle.

Go to the same retailer and they'll also offer PS3 with e.g. Uncharted, separately however.

But this being an official bundle, every retailer will have it as opposed to the point you're making that SOME retailers will give you a free selected game with your console.

JVIDICAN3842d ago

Metal gear solid 4 is M rated and its getting an official bundle.

moveteam3842d ago

Excactly. If I walk into a random EBGames or Gamestop store in Denmark they offer their own PS3 bundle, just the normal 40 GB package, with 2 games they throw in.

THIS shows GTA IV on the PS3 package. is a Swedish Retailer, while GAME is international (in this case Danish), two completely different stores but with the excact same product.

Arkham3842d ago

Ah, I thought MGS4 was T, not "M", and the DMC bundles were in Japan-only, not here.

Before this, the only other official N.A. bundle I've seen was Motorstorm. And since movie-wise they didn't bundle R-rated movies (Talladega Nights was the cut version), I thought it carried over to games too. My mistake. But in North America, I haven't seen any M-rated game bundles yet.

All other reports about GTA4 bundles have been linked to specific retailers. The point I was making was that *this article* isn't likely referring to an official Sony bundle. Look at the bad Photoshop picture.

Using online store pages is notoriously inaccurate, esp. for release dates and vapourware.

That being said, I'd love to see an official GTA bundle, mainly to see what the box design looks like. It's got to be better than that Danish chop.

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