More info on Quake 3 for the iPod touch

From Engadget: "That video we saw the other day of two iPod touches running a networked Quake 3 deathmatch sent ripples through the iPod / iPhone community. Those of you doubting the authenticity of the clip can probably put some fears to bed, as GameCyte has gotten a hold of the programmers, and they make it fairly clear it wasn't some elaborate hoax. According to developers Cameron and Marcia Tofer of Hermitworks, they managed to get the game up and running on the touches in, "Between eight and twelve hours," using jail-broken units, no official SDK, and modified code that added basic accelerometer support. The game in the video is being hosted on one of the devices and played over a local network -- and the Tofers claim that running a full 64-player match wouldn't be out of the question. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans to make this demo public, as the team is working on original content for the platform. So... email petition anyone?"

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Fishy Fingers3897d ago

Id love to get this on my iphone. It doesnt look hugely playable as it seems to lack any way of looking up or down. It basically plays out like the old doom games. But I think it will be a good laugh, and a nice app to show off to my mates.... and their Nokia's.

ustayclassyn4g3897d ago

i wonder how much presence apple is gonna have in gaming,like are they gonna stick with flash games and simple stuff like that or try for something bigger to go against nintendo and sony in handhelds. i'd buy the quake game if it dosen't take up too much memory, 16 gigs can get filled preeetty fast