Consumers Largely Willing to Pay Higher Prices for Blu-ray

Pricewatch - Over the past month we have been reporting on the pricing trend of Blu-ray Dusc players. As HD DVD faded away, prices of BD devices began to slowly creep up, to where they have now largely rested at around $400.

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decapitator3842d ago

No they are not. They should do a price watch and poll N4G members and see how many people whine about BD's and PS3 been too costly.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The people who whine don't own one. I have yet to meet a genuine BR/PS3 owner who doesn't think they got their moneys worth.

Edit: correct, hence the word "genuine".

decapitator3842d ago

yeah agree with you. Then again, most people on here who whine about the price are BD haters or and probably supported HD DVD and are still a little sour.

Captain Tuttle3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The PS3 and Blu-Ray won't be a true commercial success until it's adopted by the general public like the PS2 was. Price is a big issue to the general public, especially with the economy tanking..

Syko3842d ago

I got killed in a story yesterday for suggesting that Sony and the rest of the Blu Ray Group are purposefully keeping prices at a premium. While you can easily find deals online for cheap movies. Blu Ray will never be considered "Mainstream" until your average Best Buy customer walks in and buys it off the shelf. I wouldn't call shopping many different websites for cheap Blu Ray "Mainstream".

While I get my moneys worth. I think 90% of your "Average" customer thinks why the hell would I pay $400 for a player and then $35 a movie. It is true though, Once you go Blu there is no coming back to DVD.

Fishy Fingers3842d ago

Yeah I totally agree. I think my comment has been misconstrued, I wasn't taking about sale's, purely that I and all the owner's I personally know believe they got their money's worth.

In regards to your point, your right the "mass market" will wait for prices to come down, even if thats a year or two. But the "mass market" do not own £1000 HDTV's, so trying to appeal the them is pointless from BR's point of few. Customers willing to fork out all that money for a fancy new TV will probably also be willing to spend a few more pounds for that BR player.

KingME3842d ago

To me it's not the player that people are most concerned about, it's the cost of new releases. I simply refuse to pay in upwards of 25 dollars and sometimes 30 to buy a movie. I'd assume buy the DVD.

Once the prices of BD discs comes down to under 20.00 more people will jump onboard. But since Sony is controlling all aspects of the format, I won't be holding my breath for the price to come down.

And for those of you who will counter with; "There are plenty of BD movies out there under 20 dollars." I will answer, yes there are, however, I would like to think of a movie that I want to have and then go and buy it for under 20, not look at an under 20 list and choose what is being offered. That's nothing more than a clearance sale.

deeznuts3842d ago

You guys need to step back and think for a second. First, a BD player is not an essentialy item. Therefore, if prices were kept artificially high, people would just stop buying it.

Second, yes consumers are largely willing to pay these higher prices. Retailers owe no allegiance to BD or Blu-Ray or manufacturers. If no consumers were buying the BD, they would lower the price to move the product. They haven't. Therefore, it is reasonable to deduce that yes, consumers are willing to pay the higher price.

KingME3842d ago

Great point and well said. Bubbles.

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Syko3842d ago

By the way Amazon has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free going on from Today (April 9th) through April 18th. Selection is mediocre but still worth checking out since it is the first BOGO deal they have had since Blu Ray's victory.

fenderputty3842d ago

on Amazon. They're always 30% cheaper and a lot of the time even more.

Syko3842d ago

Ya fender, I have never even had a problem buying them used off of Amazon. They always arrive in perfect condition. I have even had 2-3 of them that I bought used that were still brand new. It is the best place to buy Blu's.

Leathersoup3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I'd heard that the prices of the players had gone up since HD-DVD was put out of its misery. I'm still not going to get one until they're under 100 bucks

Horny Melon3842d ago

Is why I haven't switched my DVDs over to Blu-ray and why I buy fewer movies. I'm not buying a DVD now. If Sony really wants Blu-ray to catch on they better do it before somebody puts out true 1080p upscaling TV...isn't Toshiba working on one? I think it acutally has a cell chip inside it. Can't remember though.

Gorgon3842d ago

"true 1080p upscaling"

thast something that will never work. You can get better or worse upscaling, but you will never get the same quality as a 1080p movie by upscaling a DVD. You simply don't have 1:1 pixel information for that. TRUE 1080p is "true" because the movie contains data for every single pixel in a 1920x1080p matrix in every single frame. Upscaling won't magically conjure that data. Upscaling is great, but you will never get the same image quality.

eagle213842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Blu-ray is worth the cost. It's not super expensive, but it will pinch the wallet a little. :)

I haven't heard anyone complain about price when the representatives are explaining Blu-ray to them. Most people understand prices will eventually fall, but the consumer interest keeps growing daily. This isn't the stone age. This is the information age folks. :)

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