10 Features Diablo 3 must have

Gamers got thrown a couple bones with Titanquest and Hellgate: London over the last few years, but at the end of the day we still find ourselves waiting for the return of the master: Diablo. In Ubergames never-ending attempt to help out developers they have laid out the blueprint for Diablo 3 just in case Blizzard forgot gamers are still waiting for it...impatiently.

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Charlie26883934d ago

While some of this "features" are good and even obvious the but whole "WOW" related is CRAP...I get it you like WOW...but no, not every game has to be like it -_- and don't even bring up that garbage of using the WOW engine its RETARDED to use and Engine as outdate as that one...hey why not use the Quake 2 engine them! >.>

I think this dude should played Titan Quest to know a few things on how to successfully bring the Diablo formula more up to date...than constantly refiring to WOW -_-

avenfeld3934d ago

My read of the article is not that he wants them to clone WoW, but more that they need to move in that direction in terms of design and mechanics. My gut, although I'll have to post over there to see, is that he is trying to make it easy on them in terms of tech. Its sort of the whole, "Hey, you built this other game already, just steal from it."

I'll post and see what he has to say, because I'd hate to see it be a WoW single player clone as much as anybody.

ionace3934d ago

You're right, I dont want a freaking crappy WOW copy, I want Diablo gameplay with new technology ... graphics, UI, better random generation for everything from NPCs to weapons to areas to enemies.

Spazz3934d ago

I wish Blizzard would just revise Diablo 2 with some updated graphics and a new expansion and release that. I would buy it just for updated graphics.

poopface13934d ago

when they released the expansion pack: lord of destruction.

Spazz3934d ago

Yeah but they need to do it again. But with a new expansion. I'm sure they could come up with another hellish demon to fight and bring the graphics up to say Titan Quest quality. Maybe even add a little more inventory space and a few new sets of armor.

SuperSaiyan43934d ago

Single player and online multiplayer like the previous one I dont want a MMORPG!! I am sick of MMORPG's!!!

I loved Diablo 1 and really enjoyed Diablo 2 they have always had this eery feeling and great visuals and movies.

I just want the game to be the same as before with better visuals.

Imo Diablo has been on of the best games for the amount of choice in items etc.

Fux4Bux3934d ago

Same with Fallout fans about 3. Diablo is popular but it really was the foundation of MMO games. There's really just not going to be a massive market for an antiquated game design like that. I'd rather just hope they come up with something revolutionarily new for an MMO in Diablo. I'm very glad Starcraft is sticking to its roots at least.

Kulupoo3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

def need Better economy system
i still remember have tons of SOJs.... gold are worthless in D2

fenderputty3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

An environment in which hacking and botting is as easy as it was for Diablo 2. Thats what killed the game for me online. Everyone cheated and had the best of the best as far as armor is concerned.

BTW ... what are the chances of this coming to a console? I remember diablo one on the playstation. I would love to see this come to a console as I don't really PC game anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.