Michael Bay: Uwe Boll is "a sad being"

After being asked about Uwe Boll's video rant in which Boll proclaimed Michael Bay and fellow director Eli Roth as "f*cking retards", Bay responded on his message boards, saying in part:

"I find people who rant like that... comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being."

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LightningPS33847d ago

I guess everyone who's ever b*tched is a sad being? We're all sad beings. I don't know too many peopl who's lives are perfect.

Sarick3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

It's the unprofessional attention he made. In any tense relationship if negotiating or defending something the best solution is to treat the situation from the outside as a 3rd party.

Reactions such as this "i'm not a ????ing retard" put him in the same position as his attackers. If anything this only amplifies the tensions between the parties in conflict. For best results a better reaction would've been to stop for moment and ask people what exactly they saw wrong and what he could do to improve.

His reaction was a common reaction that causes negotiations and other relations to break down. By understanding why people are upset he could better explain his postion. Eventually this might lead a more understanding audience.

From his standpoint "Look what I've done for the industry, the nerve of people and their criticism!"

What would have benefited him more was if his reaction was "This is what I can do and I'll try to improve myself"

If only he had tried to get peoples attention by showing he was interested in finding a solution that everyone would be happy with.

If confronted with a conflict of interest what reaction would people be more receptive towards. A) Mister hostle, I'm right goodbye!, or B) Mister i'm willing to work towards goals that'll create an inclusive atmosphere where differences can co-exist.

After all once all feelings of all parties have been acknowledged it's safe to assume everyone will be more receptive towards what all parties have to say.

In short the simplest words of wisdom he could've ever said was.

"I'm Sorry."

Fishy Fingers3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Quite hypocritical coming from him. The "unofficial" Blu-Ray spam spokesman.

Where's my damn Transformers by the way??

anyway.... Roll out! cha... chaaa.. chhaaaa.. cha.. chaaa... (it's hard to type the morphing noise alright! You have a go!)

Azurite3847d ago

How about settling this over a boxing match?

dity_rat3847d ago

what a bunch of queens, get a life all of you, theres kids dyin in africa you jerks

The Real Joker3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

And that has anything to do with what? That is a totally different subject. With that mentality, no one can talk about ANYTHING because the poor poor kids in Africa? Give me a break.

Ghoul3847d ago

seriously that argument is far to often taken by people just to make something else irrelevant. but it has nothing to do with the other.

kevin11223846d ago

thats such a random comment lol, its like someone saying you cant say that since tons of worlds and species are dying in universes far far away.

VaeVictus3847d ago

Uwe Boll with a budget. Transformers was AWFUL. Every movie he's made is AWFUL.

myabsolution3847d ago

dont forget Armageddon! another blockbuster crapfest from Michael Bay!

InMyOpinion3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Lol! You took the words right out of my mouth. Only braindead sloths and retarded 12 year olds find amusement in b-movies like Transformers. Eli Roth just flat out sucks. He should stick to making effects cause directing isn't his bag. Uwe Boll...who finances his movies??

deeznuts3847d ago

You take that back! I loved The Rock. Well Cage not so much, but Sean Connery was kickin ass in that movie.

That said, Michael Bay's movies continue to make money. Shareholders of his studios think those movies are wonderful.

MaximusPaynicus3847d ago

You can't have a B-Movie if your budget is more than seven figures. Say what you will about Transformers, but don't bring the art of the B-Movie into this.

Ital50Stal3847d ago

bubbles for everyone hating on Bay's Sh*tty work! ...i got banned off his website for trolling and posting youtube links to the team america song "pearl harbour sucks" lol

it was funny and sad at the same time, his cult like followers where defending his honour like he was some kinda God...sad world we live in.

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