GDN: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

While it's definitely one for the over 18 market (as denoted by the box), Condemned 2: Bloodshot is permeated with precisely the kind of primeval thrill horror fans look for. A good 80% of entertainment these days, whether games or movies, are so dry and formulaic they fail completely to involve the audience in any way, shape or form. Even a half decent horror film forces viewers to participate in the onscreen events, however, so a superb horror story like Condemned 2 – with it's equally intuitive and engrossing gameplay – make it a triumph of the genre that transcends medium.

If you're old enough and of a suitable iron constitution (and even if you're not), then Condemned 2: Bloodshot will show you what a true gaming experience can be like, and change your perceptions of what to expect for ever more.

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