Blu-ray Beat HD-DVD: So What?

Blu-ray might have beat out HD-DVD, but does it really matter?

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Genesis53939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Yes it matters, give it time. And I don't mean 2 months. It will grow more as the HDTV base grows.

mikeslemonade3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

The writer obviously bought a HD-DVD player and is stubborn that he lost.

gonzopia3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I know what this guy is getting at, but no... DD will not be accepted by the public as easily as Blu-ray will be. I suppose he didn't see the Pricewatch article.

godofthunder103938d ago

i've been collecting dvds for years and i have over a 1000 of them.i have a 1080p 60in tv with dtv,vod,dvd and abox live and since i had these things i've been buying less and less dvds.
i've read where one person said that he can start downloading a movie and start watching it in 6sec and a br fan said it must have been an icon but the truth is that you can start watching a movie about 6 to 10 sec after you start downloading it because you don't have to have the whole movie downloaded to watch it you can watch it as it is downloading.that's the problem with people who critize dd they don't want to even understand how it works but call people liers when they say something about it.
br will be around for a long time for games and to hold information but br will have a hard time to really take over dvds because of the price and they have a high % of people who doesn't care at all about it and just keep buying dvds.i'm going to best buy this sat and buy the 3 disc set of american gangster for under $20 you can also get the 2 disc set for $14 this week but you have to pay $32 for the br movie that has less on it then the 3 disc set on dvd.
i had a friend who bought a ps3 and he's also a movie collector who has a lot of dvds to, but instead of him getting the 5 free movies for his self he let me picked them out and he gave them to me because he said that he's not going to buy br movies he will just keep buying dvds instead of changing formats.i also had a brother that bought a ps3 and he got his 5 free movies and bought them back to walmart and traded them for a ps3 and a 360 brother came over with his ps3 because i wanted to see what a br movie look like and i'll admit that it has a great pic but the hd movies i watch on tv isn't that much different for me to start buying br movies and a br player.
people need to realize even the movie companies said that dd had an effect on dvds sales.they said that on an average that every person that have a br player including the ps3 have 1.1 br movie for it and that counts the 5 free movies from sony,buy 2 get one free from disney and all the other free br movies they gave away on promotion.
i know that a lot of people love br movies and it's great and i'm glad that they are enjoying them but br has a deep hill to climb to get people to really enbrace them and if sony doesn't make a big dent in dvd sales with br in 2 years then it's over for br but for now i'll give it chance,hell it might even win but dd is catching on faster the br is right i said before ever since i had vod and the other stuff i mention above i'v been buying less and less dvds because after i watch it and if i like it i'll wait till it goes down to $5 or $10 before i buy it or if they have a special like the 3 disc set of american ganster for under $20.i used to buy dvds when they first came out but a lot of time i use to pay $20 for a movie and it's crap but now i can see it first with dd before i buy it to see if it's worthg buying instead of wasting my money like i use to.
i'm not on any side i'm just saying my opinion but dd is catching on faster then br is but like br fans says i like to have the dvd instead of downloading it to but every body doesn't think like that and like it or not br is in a bigger fight with dvds and dd then they were in with hd-dvds.

Jandre023939d ago

Shut up already. No one cares what you think about Blu-ray. And this doucebag is a little late to the party, lol.

Phil Harrison Mklll3939d ago

Blu-ray might have beat out HD-DVD, but does it really matter?

Yeh! because it made Microsoft look st*pid! :D

fenderputty3939d ago

it doesn't matter in that alternate dimension in which DD is ready to penetrate the market. In this dimension though, yes ... it matters. It matters to Sony, the PS3 and people who are interested in watching movies in HD.

original seed3939d ago

and it wont, unless the price drops to make them more compareable to DVD

fenderputty3939d ago

that to increased PS3 sales since the fall of HD-DVD. Even if the standalone players are pricey the PS3 is still the same, more then reasonable, price it always was. It's better then 90% of the players anyway.

original seed3938d ago

I have a PS3 but it's very hard to buy a BR disc at 30 bucks when i can get the same movie that almost looks the same for about 14 dollars.

fenderputty3938d ago

I've never once payed 30 dollars for a BD. I just got I Am Legend for 18 bucks and it's in perfect condition.

Massacre3939d ago

So it won ? and the format War is Over ?
What a stupid article. Hits whoring.

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