Hulk game gets actual actor voices

Looks like the new Incredible Hulk game will use the actor voices from the upcoming movie, which is nice. Impressive to see that Sega is going big budget on their movie games, first Iron Man gets good voice acting and now Hulk.

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taz80803846d ago

"HUlk smash" by Ed Norton, FTW

Bazookajoe_833846d ago

I hope this will be diffrent..

devilhunterx3846d ago

having actor voices doesnt improves the gameplay or immersive factor.

taz80803846d ago

but it also doesnt hurt to have actual actor voices in there, it is kind of cheesy when you get a generic actor doing the voice on one of these games. And so far the gameplay for Iron Man and Hulk look very good, but it still remians to be seen i guess, there have been a ton of bad movie games already.