Microsoft Doubtful About Nyko's Cooling Device

The Nyko Intercooler has indeed achieved record-breaking sales in UK. Not to contradict ourselves here, you might want first to take a look at this before buying one for your Xbox 360.

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ImTheNumber124464d ago

When me and bladestar wrote in an older article about the fan, we told everyone it was not needed. The mart defended the product saying that it was wise to use and prolonged the 360s life...Now, microsoft tells us it can cause scorch marks and uses some of the electricity that is vital to the 360. Not so wise now.

BIadestarX4463d ago

I went to target and bough a small independant fan; that I placed near the 360. I don't think is needed, but it better than to attach a device to the 360 since as you indicated, "some of the electricity that is vital to the 360" the 360 was not designed for this.

DEIx15x84463d ago

A few weeks ago Microsoft also said that the cooling device actually competed with the internal fans causing them to be put under more stress and often led to them burning out.

THWIP4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

I've been using a small fan to promote air circulation/cooling for my consoles. I have a large entertainment center...and 3 I can't leave anything laying around. When I first got my 360, at launch, I decided to buy a 2nd fan, just for the power brick. Both are virtually silent, and stay on constantly (almost a year now). I've never had a problem with my 360, or the fans, and it only cost me $14 for the pair at Wal-Mart. :)

Not the exact brand, but same design; they're about 5 inches in diameter.

PS360WII4464d ago

If you have a nice enough air supply this add-on is not needed. The intercooler is for your 360 if you jam it into a small corner of your room that just fits it. Even then your still likely to burn it down. Consoles need air and fans work just dandy ^^

THWIP4464d ago

...was to take the door off a mini-fridge, and put my console inside. :D

calderra4464d ago

The intercooler is not needed unless you're in a place where you need fans. Just think about it.

I have a friend who fried his 360 without an intercooler- his room also stays as hot and humid as a tropical jungle, and these conditions often cause problems with electronics. AND his 360 was in a cabinet in that room. Of COURSE an intercooler was a wise choice for him. Er, he should have actually just used a fan and not stolen power from his 360, but you get the idea.

My 360 is currently wedged between my TV and my entertainment center- but I've read the manual, and I've maneuvered everything so my 360 is in compliance. I've kept it running overnight a few times catching up on downloads, I've played all the games most likely to cause issues extensively (particularly Chromehounds) and I've never had a problem.

I also have one of the dreaded "Thompson drive" original Xboxes. That system still runs just fine. It still plays all discs just fine. It's never had an issue with anything... and trust me, I've put that system through its paces. Basement Halo tournaments at college, LAN action at a dozen homes, every disc from a scrathed-up used Morrowind to DOOM3. Still crankin'.

So pardon me if I'm among those that are skeptical of these supposed console problems everyone keeps seeing.

THWIP4463d ago

...Morrowind isn't BC with the 360. :|

death monk4463d ago

I think he's talking about on his original Xbox with the Thompson drive.

USMChardcharger4464d ago

I have said this since day one of this product(or asked this) can this product not stress the internal fans already included?

the 360 does not need this...the WATER cooled system included in way enough to keep your 360 cooled.

that simple sticker left on a batch of 360's, from one factory, caused a mass panitic that all 360's over heat.

IT IS NOT TRUE. i know...i have one.

go check out and research their archieves on the water cooled system...impressive stuff.

THWIP4463d ago least not in a technical sense. The overall SYSTEM is fan-cooled...2 fans pulling the hot air out, and fresh air in through the tiny holes. The Tri-core CPU, however, does indeed have a small "radiator" attached, which keeps it cool separately. But, compared to the high-tech custom PC "liquid-cooled" setups, the 360 cannot be considered "water-cooled".

USMChardcharger4463d ago

i am going to do a friendly debate with ya on this one.

so it does have water in it...or a liquid, besides the fans to help cool it...but it is a small it is not water cooled?

is it a hybrid water/fan cooling system?

what clarifies as a water cooled system? is there a certian amount of water/liquid required to be a REAL water cooled system.

i am going to go back and reread on but i would like to hear your response.

THWIP4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

For a console/PC to be "liquid-cooled", the ENTIRE SYSTEM needs to be cooled...not just one component. Sure, the 360 uses water-cooled technology, but (sadly) it wasn't used in a fully-integrated manner, like you see in these custom PCs...
A few professional mods have been done on the 360 already (Dano2k0 did the best, IMO )with true liquid-cooled tech...the difference is obvious.
And yes, that last image is the stock 360 rig...the copper radiator is your "liquid-cooled" part. ;)

THWIP4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

...just clarifying with the facts. ;)

FadeToBlack4463d ago

imagine if one of those hoses came loose in the modded 360 lol.

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kewlkat0074463d ago

I haven't noticed a difference. I've played my 360 for hours on end and its still strong. That damn thing is to noisy so now I don't use it. I wonder if I can return it?

USMChardcharger4463d ago

got to waste a bubble on this but,

he is referring to the intercooler not his 360...had to put that fire out before it started, lol.

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