GamesRadar Previews Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

With so much we can't share - like the string of set-pieces in [deleted], which are even better than the ending of MGS3 Snake Eater - let's talk about what MGS4 isn't: an unrecognisable departure. Strip away the gloss, the mythology of the trailers, the gravity of Snake's predicament, and the core experience is classic Metal Gear - a fusion of MGS3's advanced mechanics and MGS2's cutscene-and-set-piece-heavy eclectic feel. It's as fiddly, deep and rewarding as ever.

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sonarus3897d ago

Isn't this the super spoiler preview? First it is old but please mark such previews with spoilers. Would hate to stumble upon something i wouldn't want to

hazeblaze3897d ago

This preview is FULL of spoilers. I started to read and had to quit! Please beware of spoilers before reading.

I think they realized how late they were in getting their preview out and so they had to include stuff that wasn't in the dozen or so other articles that have popped up.

Retro-Virus3897d ago

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers !!

Guys, don't read this. It's filled with stuff we shouldn't know until we play it for ourselves.


fenderputty3897d ago

63 more days until I'm playing one of my most anticipated games since 05'.

rushbd3897d ago

but i couldnt stop myself

ikiru33853897d ago

the anticipation is crazy. im drooling just looking at the calendar tick away the days. sigh :-\

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The story is too old to be commented.