New Total War: Rome II Gameplay Video Shows AI Rome Smashing Human Macedon to Pieces

Today The Creative Assembly released a new gameplay video of Total War: Rome II showing a nice skirmish between a Roman army controlled by the AI and a Macedonian army controlled by Communications Manager Al Bickham.

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Dunpeal1989d ago

so basically Age of Empires in HD next gen graphics??? this doesn't get me excited

Abriael1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

The Total War series is completely different from Age of Empires. The battles are a LOT better under every point of view.

It's a series with a lot of history, and honestly comparing it to Age of Empires is almost insulting.

Dunpeal1989d ago

obviously! god forbid I should get exited for another historic war simulation :D

Abriael1989d ago

Only it's not "another" historic war simulation

Xof1989d ago

Only neither the Total War series nor the Age of Empires series are historical war simulations.

Like I said, obvious trolling. I'd suggest you focus on improving your subtlety or your wit, but I think we'll all be better served if I just tell you to grow up.

Dunpeal1989d ago

why grow up? because I don't get excited over RTS games in HD??

man, ppl sure do get butthurt easily when you don't shower their favorite games with oodles of praise lol

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dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

This is like saying

"so basically Quake II in HD next gen graphics??" after watching a trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall, or

"so basically Pole Position in HD next gen graphics??" after watching a trailer for Forza 5.

Dunpeal1989d ago

yes, it's exactly like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are teh master of analogeez :D

Psychotica1989d ago

About the only thing in common between the two games is that they both have soldiers and horses. Not sure where you are seeing any other similarities.

3-4-51988d ago

You realize it's a Strategy game with Real Time Battles not a RTS game.

Think Civilization, but you play the battles.

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The_Klank1989d ago

I'm going to loose hours to this game. Naval and land battles at the same time is gonna be sweet.

sonicsidewinder1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Rome 2's in-game pronounciation of Macedonia/Macedon is really annoying me.

Wtf is "Mack-A-Don?"



Come on Creative Assembly...

Something about the graphic effect for javelins looks way off as well...